Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where Da Gold At?

In honor of St. Patrick's Day I felt the need to not only wear this shirt to work (honestly), which Ryan thinks is ridiculous. . .
It is a pretty random shirt that says "You {picture of a gold shamrock} Me. However, I did not feel the need to wear those cool green earrings, thank goodness. Picture is from '07.

. . . But I also felt the need to post this news report out of Mobile, AL*.

I'm sure most of you have seen it but it's very fitting for today.

Have some green beer and celebrate tonight!! I've already pinched my boss and several of my co workers for not taking the whole wear green thing seriously. 

Shamrock you,
Jessica O'Tolan Sanford

*Not everyone in the state of Alabama is an idiot. Swears.


ag. said...

I love that shirt! So awesome! I'm proudly wearing my green and am slightly disappointed in the lack of green around my office!

Lacey said...

Oooo that picture says 1000 words!

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