Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion (nail) Trend: Do or Don't?

I love hopping aboard different bandwagons! Call me crazy, but if I find a trend that sort of peaks my interest I'll try it out.

One of my favorite ways to try out trends is with fingernail polish. It's inexpensive and be quickly removed if it doesn't turn out so great.

Over the weekend I tried out the "one rouge nail" trend... also referred to as the "rebellious nail."

The blog, Just B, happens to be a blog I love to read. She loves trying lots of different nail trends as well. Here she is testing the one rouge nail trend:

I went with all pink nails and one rouge black nail over the weekend since I would be rocking a black bathing suit at Aquapalooza. Here's how it looked:

I got mixed reviews. When I showed Ryan he asked if I was trying to be Gothic. Other people just kept asking why my nail was painted a different color. I even had one person ask me if I had slammed my finger in a door. How funny is that?

I might try this trend again, maybe with a different color to see how it goes over.

Or perhaps this weekend I will try out Ombre Nails.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's Almost Upon Us...

Auburn Football kicks off five weeks from this Saturday!!

I love Auburn Football weekends in the fall. I should probably have mixed emotions about it, as Ryan takes it so seriously and our weekends turn in to all out football mania... but I don't.

This morning I got to thinking about whether or not I had enough orange and blue to get me through the season. Which in turn lead me to spend a portion of my morning searching for orange and blue outfits.

We have seven home games.... I have in my closet at this time three navy dresses that can be easily accessorized with orange but that leaves me four short (not counting away game tailgate get-togethers).

Here are some of the looks I found that would work:

This knit dress would be perfect with flats for a day game. Although it wouldn't be near as short on me:

This would be fun for a tailgate get together with friends for a more laid back look: F21- $13.80
I want, oh so badly, a pair of orange skinny jeans. How fun would that be with a cute navy top? But alas this is the cutest pair I can find and I can't get my mind around spend $176 for J. Brand's orange skinnies. Not very practical.

Lulu's had this navy maxi that would be perfect for less than $50:

With my navy dresses I could always toss on an skinny orange belt to make it that much more fun:

Etsy for only $6.00

And if I were really crazy I would buy these Palazza pants from F21 for only $22.80. But alas I am not...

Hmmm, all the options to consider...

Regardless I'm pumped about the impending season!! War Eagle, crazies!

Monday, July 25, 2011

O.T. W- Aquapalooza 2011

Over the weekend...

... several thousand people gathered for Aquapalooza 2011 on Lake Martin. You may remember I posted it about it a couple of years ago when Alan Jackson was the main event. Headlining this year's show was Sawyer Brown with other performances by Rhett Akins.

Here's a little Sawyer Brown to refresh your memory:

If that doesn't just beg for a good time on the lake, I don't know what does.
Friday night I spent the evening sipping cocktails with Deidra and making snacks for Saturday's festivities. We had an array of foods to enjoy while out on the lake all day... including pigs-in-a-blanket, homemade pimento and cheese, spinach dip, turkey or ham sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, and even a little peanut butter/chocolate rice crispies. Let's just say our boat did not starve.

We were out on the lake by 9:30, ready for the festivities to being. Enjoy the pictorial play-by-play:

Jennifer, Deidra, me, and Ali!

After a long day at Aquapalooza, we headed to Chuck's Marina for some pizza and fun!!

I took somewhat of a spill walking in Chuck's, as I stepped in a hole and twisted my ankle. This resulted in lots of pictures of my foot. Not sure why, because you can't tell by a picture that I twisted my ankle.... you can only see that I hurt one toe in the process.

I'm not even going to tell you what Ryan said when I fell down.... he wasn't as sympathetic as one would hope.

And the night ended with Miranda Lambert's Gun Powder and Lead...

Whoo it was a big one! Anyone who is close enough and has a boat needs to plan on attending Aquapalooza next year. It is so worth it!

Awww, but some girls do!!

Monday, July 18, 2011


Ahhh the weekend has come and gone yet again... Sads.

But we had a fun one!! This weekend was extra special because Harley Toland ventured over from my parent's house to bunk over with us for the weekend. So I had Maggie and Harley hot on my trail all weekend long.

Friday night began with a Wine Tasting at Catherine's Market.


My pal, Whitney, got in on the wine tasting!!

This particular wine had a "lengthy aftertaste of a wooden bucket." To me it simply tasted a bit spicy.  

Our friend Whitney happens to be a hard core Yogi. So she took a moment to help us all become grounded.  Here's Lacey in action.
Not sure anyone can rightfully hate on a wine tasting. We read the descriptions aloud, tasted the wine, and discussed how we each felt about each wine. It was quite pleasurable.
We also made sure to have snacks on hand, as no one needed to be sipping too much wine on an empty stomach.

Chips and Homemade Salsa and Pimento and Cheese!! Yumm!

This is kind of crazy... We thought this was a garlic cheese dip. So Lacey and I help ourselves to a few pita chips and a helping for the table. Turned out to be butter.

Saturday night we had dinner plans with some friends. We hit up one of the restaurants on the lake and insisted that we sit outside. It got a little tense with the hostess because they would have to put two tables together, but they ended up allowing our party of 7 to sit outside.

And then it rained....

On Sunday Ryan and I had a lunch date which included a little Momma Goldberg's on the Lake.
Momma's Love & Nachos (extra peppers)
The weather was so nice yesterday due to the all the rain we had over the weekend that I insisted that the windows be down for the ride home...

And to wrap up the weekend Ryan and I hit up the movie theater last night for the last installment of HARRY POTTER.

It was a great end to a pretty dern good weekend.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Photo Booth

Last weekend, after spending the day by the pool and enjoying several cocktails Deidra and I had a little fun with app Photobooth.

After a long day in the sun this ended up being the funniest thing ever. Still kind of cracks me up.

I'm not sure everyone we snapped a photo of would let me use their picture so I'll just show the folks that I don't think will care:

I smell well.

Kind of Scary

I wish I could share some of the others, but I don't want anyone spanking me later for putting ridiculous pictures on the Internet.

I will say that my mom and grandmother's photos were the absolute funniest...

Can't you see how after a few cocktails this iPhone App had us laughing until we cried.

Keep real on this Friday!!!  Whoop Whoop for the Weekend!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I'm at the Corner Just in Time to See the Bus Fly By!

As a young buck I spent my afternoon watching Saved By The Bell! Raise the roof if you were pretty sure Zach Morris was going to be your husband one day!!  {I'm raising said roof in my office right now... holla!}

I wanted to be Kelly Kapowski, if for nothing else her cool demeanor and the fact that Zach was always smitten with her.

I learned valuable life lessons from SBTB... such as: If you sprain your ankle the week of the dance contest at The Max, it will all work out... just make up a crazy dance routine in which you hop around. Life gives you lemons... make some Lemonade.

I even stayed with the Save By The Bell crew on into the college years. It was a real love.

Alas, at some point it was all over and I didn't think there would be a time in my life in which Zach Morris or Kelly Kapowski would ever be a staple in my television watching.

I was wrong!

I've mentioned my love of White Collar here on the ole bloggity, but it's true I watch it every week. Have since episode one.
How sexy is the main character, Neil Caffrey?

And the best part is that Kelly Kapowski is Agent Peter Burke's wife. At first I was all "Why is Kelly Kapowski trying to be someone she's not" or "Why is Kelly so puffy looking." It just wasn't sitting well with me. However, I realized that she was puffy looking because she was preggo in real life and they were trying to hide it on screen and to be honest she's really grown on me! I love her on the show!

Well, this summer another crazy thing happened... Zach Morris made it into my television watching circuit! He's the co-star of the new show, Franklin and Bash. I was highly skeptical at first.

I mean, I never did buy into him being a cop on Law and Order or whatever show he was on. Zach Morris is not that serious. So, of course I didn't know if he would play a believable lawyer...

But this show is really good... and this role really suits Zach Morris. I would advise you to tune in!

I suppose my life is now complete. Kelly and Zach got me through my adolescence and now they with me yet again in my mid twenties.

Funny how things come full circle, huh?

Monday, July 11, 2011

I call this photo "Wet Nose"

Maggie loves to sit on couch and peer out the window. She also can't help the fact that she has the sweetest little face.

O.T. W. - Don't Be a Meanace to Society While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood*

Over the weekend...

Oh what a glorious laid back weekend it was indeed!

Friday night Ryan had a night with the boys, as his long lost friend, Richard, dropped into town to hang out. So I did what any girl would do... headed out for dinner and cocktails with Deidra!! 

We sipped wine and chatted the night away.

Saturday I spent the day at the pool loving on sweet baby Heath and jumping off the diving board with Coop. I have great video of Cooper jumping off the diving board, but I can't get it to load...

How could you not love this little chunk of cuteness?
Sunday morning before Ryan woke up I watched "The Diary of a Mad Black Woman" although I couldn't well relate it was entertaining I suppose or maybe it was just two hours I'll never get back.

Then for lunch we feasted at a new restaurant in the area, called Uncle Nick's Smokehouse. It was yummy to tummy and relatively inexpensive. Two thumbs up from all in attendance.

Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins! Holla.

Apparently we really liked them!

BBQ Pizza, Fired Green Tomatoes, and Fried Mushrooms.
One other highlight from the weekend was that my Stella & Dot Jewelry arrived. You may remember I hosted a trunk show a few weeks ago!

I love it all so very much!!

And we wrapped up the weekend laid back relaxing, napping, and snacking....

Ryan really knows how to take it easy.

What a good weekend it was!!  I got to spend time with friends, family, Ryan and Maggie. Pretty much my happy place.

It was quite a bit better than last weekend. Just for an update on the ole gallbladder, the ultrasound looked good and just as an extra precaution I have one more test tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it was just an odd spell and it had nothing to do with anything that would require surgery.

*that movie was also on this weekend, however, I did NOT watch it.
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