Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Currently Loving

The last couple of weeks I've been wearing Essie's Berry Naughty nail polish and I'm really loving it.

I had it on in these pictures, where it looks a bit dark. But it's the perfect bit of  rich berry color for fall.

Next up is Essie's Chinchilly grey. I can't wait to try it out.

I just love trying out new nail colors!!

Monday, October 24, 2011

O.T.W. Fall Ball

Over the weekend...

... according to my iPhone pics:

Friday night my mom, Deidra, Ashton and I went to see FOOTLOOSE. I was unsure if it could measure up to the first one... and let me just tell you it was BETTER than the first one in my opinion.

I loved it! Maybe that makes me a little less cool, or maybe it makes me even cooler. Doesn't matter either way because I loved it all the same. Willard makes the movie. GO SEE IT.

Saturday Ryan invited folks over to our house to watch football and grill out. Auburn struggled against LSU but we watched until the very end.

It was a tough one, but our boys are "in a transitioning year" or so Ryan says... and I feel good about his opinion. War Eagle Baby!

Maggie loves Auburn Football Gatherings.

A few of the guys watching the game through the window.

Being sexy.

Maggie got tired and had to rest. All the company really wears her out.

Deidra telling lord only knows what... but Jennifer finds it interesting.

Holla if you've been a fan fo life.

And we'll wrap it up with this guy... WADE. Good ole Wade. That's all I can say.
It was a good one.

*And weird side note I rocked out with Pink Eye all weekend long. To say everyone was scared of me may be a bit of an understatement. I found it quite the motivator in that I would "scare" Ryan by touching my eye and then attempting to touch him. I mean, Pink Eye is highly contagious. All is well now!!

Monday, October 17, 2011

O.T.W- Fall Weather, Football, & A Couple of Parties

Over the past weekend....

... we had some serious fun! Saturday Auburn played Florida at home. The game was scheduled for late in the afternoon, which meant we had and ENTIRE day to tailgate with friends.
Ali and Jackson sitting in a tree...

My football loving boo.

Oh look! We found Bess.

A little photo op at Toomer's pregame.

Ryan went to the game with his brother and several friends, while I hightailed it to a local bar to watch the game with friends.

The guy pictured below was an odd character I met while watching the game. I proceeded to tell him my husband was also a bearded man. He told me he could tell I was a girl that could give the proper respect to a man with a beard. It was an odd conversation which ended with me taking a photo of his beard. (I'm telling you it got weird as the night went on)
Cheers for Beards!

Having recently watched the movie, What's Your Number, in which the main character pretends to have a British accent I decided the next person to walk by I would try to fool them with my fake British accent.
These two guys (pictured below) happen to pass at that time. I said, "E'llo. How are you doing?" Both gave me quizzical looks. So I proceeded with, "Bullocks. You can't respond?"

When they did finally speak they asked if I was making fun of them... because THEY HAD SOUTH AFRICAN ACCENTS! What are the chances of me pretending to have an accent to people that actually HAVE an accent. 

It made for quite a laugh.

As it got later in the day things got weirder and weirder, as one will note from the pictures.


 On Sunday, Ryan and I attend two parties. One party for his grandad and one for my cousin, Kylee.
I love Ryan.

Sweet Birthday Girl.

The party was hosted at Wind Creek State Park at one of the pavilions. Anyone from around these parts knows that no trip to Wind Creek is complete without climbing to the top of the tower.

So that's just what we did...

The weather was perfect and everyone had a great time. What a great weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Great Wall of China

I called Ryan a couple of weeks ago on a random Wednesday. This how the conversation went:

Me: Hey boo. How's work going?
Ryan: Ahhh, it's fine. Just working. What's up?
Me: Oh nothing. Just ate lunch, wanted to see how you day was going.
Ryan: Nothing special going on.
Me: Well alright. What do you want for supper?
Ryan: It doesn't matter. Whatever you feel like making.
Me: Ok then, I'll let you get back to work.
Ryan: Alright. See you this afternoon you sexy lady*.
Me: Ok. Oh, by the way... I bought a China Cabinet and Buffet today.
Ryan: WHAT?
Me: Alright. Well, your busy I'll see you at home.
Me: I paid like practically nothing for them. A buffet goes with a china cabinet. You put spoons and stuff in it.
Ryan: Well alright then. See you this afternoon.

(*he didn't really say that. it just sounds better)
And that, my friends, is how I let Ryan know that I purchased a china cabinet and buffet on a whim!

Now, normally if I were making a BIG purchase I would run it by Ryan. However, I got such a good deal I felt like he would understand.

In all honesty, he's more concerned with the fact that we now have to drive 45 minutes to pick it up than the fact that I bought it.

I haven't seen it in real life. I've only see it in pictures.

These are the only picture I've seen:

China Cabinet

I bought them from a trustworthy source and she has ensured me that both pieces of furniture are in decent condition.

Now, here is where the great debate begins... Do I paint them both or strip them down and stain them both a deeper color?

I have some ideas I have tossed around in my head. But I decided to go to PINTREST for more inspiration.

Painting them both white seems as though it would make them look so much "fresher" and not so dated.


If I do decide to paint them both white I love the idea of painting the background wall a color so that my china (which is white) can stand out:


Not these knobs or color. And no I don't want to paint the front-- just the background wall.

However, a few folks have frowned upon that and have suggested staying more natural with it.  That would mean stripping them down and staining them a deeper color.


The stain on this piece of furniture is so pretty.
 And if I do decide to stay with the more natural, darker stain I could still paint the background a color:

I could get really CRAZY and paint them both a wild color:

But at this time I'm not really planning on being crazy.

What should I do? If I lightly sand it and paint them I would always have the option of stripping them down and staining them sometime down the road.

I am not in a huge rush to do either, as our house it on the smaller side and I could never make both pieces of furniture fit without feeling crowded, but in our "one day" house my dinning room will have plenty of room for both pieces.

Please help me decide... comment, email me, gchat me, call me, send me a post card... Just let me know what option you like best!

F.O.L.K- lore

My friend, Whitney, makes jewelry. It's a special kind of jewelry because she puts positive energy of love and kindness in to it.

The name of her jewelry is F.O.L.K. which stands for Fractals Of Loving Kindness.

I purchased a hematite and pearl earring/necklace set back during the spring. Whenever I wear it I get quite the rave reviews.
Here I am late night at a wedding reception rocking the pearl and hematite necklace. (that's my pal Ryan-O)

Last weekend, Whitney, had a booth at the Oktoberfest here in town. She makes all kinds of beautiful things and, in all honesty, can tell you what type of energy you will get from the different types of gems you decide to purchase.

Well, she has recently started making a very fall-ish earrings made of cool turkey-type feathers. Great to wear with Thanksgiving coming up!

I bought a pair of feather earrings and wore them to one day this week. The are subtle in that they blend with my hair, however, when the light catches them just right they are awesome. I received several compliments regarding my feather earrings.

But just enough.

If you are interested, check out F.O.L.K's facebook page. She has some really cool stuff!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Maggie Goes to The Vet

We survived the vet. (you may remember that I mentioned Maggie not feeling well) Oh, Maggie got beat down a little bit, but nothing too bad.

So brave.
Four shots, a physical, a little lab work, and some pills to take for the next two weeks and we were all done.

Lab work (her feet are wet because it was rainy yesterday)

Now, I feel as though I was blatantly robbed of a couple hundred dollars, but I would do anything to make her feel better.

You see, last week Maggie started itching and scratching quite frequently. Then over the weekend while Ryan and I were off at a party Maggie decided to start pulling her hair out because she was itching so bad. It was intense. I hit her up with some benadryl and even gave her an oatmeal bath, but it kept getting worse. Maggie was sad.

So I made a an appointment with the vet.

Turns out she has a very sensitive skin and had an allergic reaction to something or another.

The tough part about the visit to the vet was Maggie getting a bit of  a verbal spanking regarding her weight.

She's gained exactly five pounds since this time last year.

She is two pounds over the recommended weight limit.

Apparently we need to work on this issue. So we were told to buy a lesser calorie treat and smaller bones, as the vet said that was probably the culprit.

These are Maggie's new treats:

Only five calories.

Oh so tiny.
And this how she feels about it:

"Don't even bother wasting my time with that small thing"

I told Maggie not to get to down on her self-image. It's hard to get told your fat right after you've gotten four shots. And then there's all this media hype about being skinny. I could tell Maggie was feeling a little insecure.

So to make her feel better I gave her five of her low calorie treats, which potentially encourages emotional eating and enables her to continue with her over eating... but sometimes treats make things all better. Well, that and a couple hundred dollars at the vet.

But on her "chart" she did get this comment:

"Sweet Girl"

So in the end I gave her the ole "it's what's on the inside that matters most" speech and we watched Kim's Fairytale Wedding and all was right again.
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