Thursday, September 3, 2009

My Celebrity Sightings

I am pretty obsessed with all things celebrity. I read US Weekly and People just about every week. I love knowing the latest trends, who's dating who, and even who's expecting a baby.

You can only imagine that I am always on the lookout for celebrities while traveling. I'm constantly thinking... Jessica Simpson could be in the airport right now, or maybe Bradley Cooper is on my flight. I realize that the chances are slim to none... but I always have a tiny bit of hope.

Two years ago I took a trip out to Steamboat, Colorado with my family. Before I left I joked with friends that I would probably see several celebrities, which I would harass for a picture (but in a cool... you're just [insert celebrity's name here] way).

Well, as the trip progressed, I hadn't even seen a person that looked vaguely familiar. Then we missed our flight home. It was a tough pill to swallow, as we would be stuck in the Denver Airport for several more hours. We decided to make the best of it and grab some food... and that's when it happened. I saw him out of the corner of my eye... scooting past us full speed.

It was this guy....

The dad from the TLC series, "Little People, Big World."

We harassed him for a picture and asked him how Amy and the kids were... and off he went.

That was my celebrity sighting. No, it wasn't Bradley Cooper or Jessica Simpson. But I've learned in life you take what you can get. I embraced it even.

Well, this past trip to Rhode Island... I hadn't even thought about seeing a celebrity.

I was just minding my own in Charlotte, NC, enjoying some pizza... when all of a sudden I see this guy:

I was all, Katie Beth, that is Wee Man. Are you kidding me? Wee Man from Jackass... right there. But it all happened so fast that he was gone before I could grab the camera for a picture with him.

It cracked me up... my second celebrity sighting in an airport... and it was my second celebrity little person.

On my next trip I am going to have my eyes peeled for this guy...

Because, at this point, why wouldn't I see Gary Coleman?

**My mom feels as though I should point out that this post was written prior to the passing of our dear little person Gary Coleman. My chances of running into him have deminished. RIP Gary.**

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