Wednesday, September 22, 2010

These Boots are Made for Walking...

I'm over (not that I was ever on board with) cowboy boots and dresses.

Let me just paint you a picture:

It's 95 degrees outside with humidity well into the 60 percentile. The sun is beating down and the chance of catching a cool breeze is slim to none. It's Alabama and it's hot.

Yeah, I get it. It's officially FALL... but other's need to get this... it STILL hotter than hell outside. (just sayin)

Which leads me to the point I'm attempting to make. I've noticed a trend while at the few football games we've been to thus far this season. The girls on campus are rocking dresses with cowboy boots ala Jessica Simpson circa 2005, except with a dress and a way less hot body.

(speaking of Jessica Simpson, why does she look so frumpy all the time these days. She needs to hire whoever was training her back in '05. I mean, look at that body)

I don't get it. Let me reiterate, IT IS STILL HOT OUTSIDE. A cowboy boot with a dress is ridiculous.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm all for this look if you are headed to the rodeo,  a theme party, or even a Halloween party where you are dressed as a sexy cowgirl (if that's your thing)... but don't rock it in 95 degree weather to a football game.

I snapped some pictures to show just how rampant this has become. My question is why? Who said this was cool? Is it cool and I'm lame? (surely not) I just have so many unanswered questions.

*I've attempted to protect the innocent by not showing faces. If one of these people happens to be you or someone you know... please take this a a friendly suggestion not make the same mistake twice.*

The only time it is okay to rock a cowboy boot with your dress is when you are attempting to offset your medical bootie- see above, right. Her friend, however, is simply thinking she's really on to something.

Don't get me wrong. I love a boot and when the temperatures reach a place where a boot make sense I will, for sure, rock them. I'm not even made at a "bootie" with a dress or even a dress with leggings and some type of fashionable boot. I am mad at faux or real cowboy boots with dress when it's blazing hot!

Please enlighten me. Are you on board with this? Why is this such a phenomenon on a college campus? Is Auburn just way behind the fashion trends or am I? 


Elizabeth @ A Classic Pearl said...

I appreciate the lack of faces in these pictures, Jessica. Very diplomatic of you. You are so right - the boot/dress combo is EVERYWHERE!!!

Lacey said...

It is a bit hot for the knee high biz. When we went to Tuscaloosa the other weekend, I wore an olive green tank dress with ankle boots (not cowboy) and it rained--so I felt like it was good call because I didn't have muddy feet.

I feel like girls were rocking that look 3 years maybe it is a bit tired. I did rock my cowboy boots with shorts one night-but to Brittany's house, with my jersey, with wet I guilty? Am I uncool? Questioning myself now...

Lacey said...


J Simp needs to get it together. NO excuse when you are famous and can afford a personal trainer.

Lacey said...

One more comment--I KNOW the bubble hem is not cool anymore. very '06. see #1

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