About Me

I currently reside in the small town where I grew up in the great southern state of Alabama! If you would have asked me in high school if I would ever live here again I would not have hesitated to tell you NO. I had bigger fish to fry!

But it's funny how things work out. . .  How life just happens.

I attended Auburn University where I graduated with a B.A. in Communication back in December of 2007. Some of the best years of my life happened while in school at Auburn. Not a care in the world past what I should wear "out on the town" with the girls or who we should tailgate with at the next Saturday home game.

Honestly people tell you when you're in college that "those are the best years of your life" and in that moment when you're young and free you and think "old people are so dramatic." However, hindsight is 20/20 and looking back now... I realize just how great we really had it.

It's funny how time can change your perspective, huh?

While in school at Auburn I also fell in love with my husband, Ryan.

We had known each other for, well, forever. His parents and my parents have been friends for a long time. As kids we played hide and seek together. To this day, Ryan will tell you that I was super prissy and got on his last nerve.

Little did he know that prissy little girl would become his prissy little wife.   In May of 2010 we tied the knot. I can say without a doubt that was one of the best decision I've ever made.   We had a fairy tale wedding and it's been rainbow and butterflies ever since.   Well, maybe not every day but for the most part.

I currently do social work with low to very low income single mothers. It can be the most rewarding job but can also be one of the most frustrating jobs. I have days where I witness people make life altering decisions for both the good and bad. It's hard to go home sometimes and know that you've tried to guide someone in the right direction and they've chosen the other path. It's even harder when you know how that choice will effect the children involved. However, on a day when someone calls me to tell me great news about something they've accomplished it makes it all worthwhile.

I started this blog a couple of years ago as a means to post pics and update family and friends about the random events of our everyday life. My biggest readers are probably all related to me and that's fine because they are also my biggest fans.

So here I am back in my small hometown, working for The Man, loving my boo under the same roof, and raising  one crazy little dog.

Welcome to Stage Fright Jitters

. . . it's not the destination, but to glory of the ride.

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