Wednesday, January 30, 2013

On the Menu

Last night for supper I tried out a new recipe. I try to mix it up in the kitchen but it is so easy to get in a rut during the week. I tend to fall back on the same old tried and true recipes, but that can get old. Right?

Yesterday I decided I was going to actually make one of the many recipes that I've pinned. The only requirements were it had to be quick and easy because I had several errands to run prior to going home and knew I would be getting a later start that usual.

The winner from my pinterest board was......... CORNBREAD POT PIE!

Picture Via

It met all of the criteria-- easy, quick yet still delicious. I decided to half the recipe and used an 8x8 pan since it was just Ryan and I. I love a meal that I can cut in half so that we don't waste so much. It was the perfect amount. Ryan and I both had plenty to eat and I even packed up the rest for his lunch today! (read:good wifey)

Here is the link to the recipe if you want to toss it into your week night rotation.  (also I used a rotisserie chicken from the deli instead of making my own-- saves even more time) Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cat Nap

Yesterday afternoon the weather was nice so Maggie and I decided we'd go on a little walk. I grabbed my camera to take along jsut in case we spotted anything exciting.

Maggie has a love/hate relationship with cats. She barks at them like crazy if they pass through our yard and she happens to catch them through a window, but if we're outside and she sees one it's like she wants to be it best friends.

While on our walk yesterday I spotted a cat napping in a tree well before Maggie did so I snapped a few pics.

Once Maggie spotted it our photo session was over. The cat took off and and Maggie was hot on its tail--- until her retractable leash caught, as I am not about to run around the neighborhood chasing a cat with my dog.

(these photos of her running around are out of focus, as I was trying to hold the leash as she took off and snap pictures-- but they are hilarious to me)

Gotta go, gotta go, gotta go
Whoa, switch back the other way

Maggie is the best little dog. She is so full of life and even more so love!
She is also in desperate need of a haircut!
Happy Tuesday!!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Say Cheese!

I started a photography class last week at Auburn University. It's one of their community courses and I couldn't be more excited to learn to understand my camera and what it can do a little better.

Night One

I've been saying for the past year and half that I wanted to take a photography class and yet never took the time to look up when one was being offered, how much it might cost or what it would entail. Apparently I was ALL TALK.

Until now, that it is! Night one of the six week course was awesome. I kept having moments of OMG I did not know it would do that!, which was the resounding opinion of the entire class.

I went ahead and told the teacher (who happens to have a slick-back ponytail) that I needed one-on-one assistance. For instance, he shows the class something and then I like him to come to my desk and show me personally on my camera.  I like a very hands on approach. I suppose I'm more kinesthetic learner. I'm the kid in class taking pictures of the person across from me so I can see what changing a particular setting actually does.

This week was introductory. We met the teacher, checked out some of his work and discussed the various settings on our camera. After learning what each setting does we were told that we should NEVER use any of the settings such as Macro, Portrait, or AUTO (which I'm very guilty of). By the end of the course I should be able to shoot in Manual, S Priority, Program or A Priority for all occasions. Or at least that's the goal.

Our assignment this week was to photograph something in motion focusing only on adjustment of shutter speed.  This is so that we can understand exactly what the adjustment of that particular setting would do.

Ryan and I ventured out yesterday afternoon and found different water sources that were in motion.

Here are two some examples of  what changing the shutter speed does with water in motion:

Photos are Straight Out of the Camera (SOOC) per our instructors directions.

I'm so excited to learn as much as possible over the next few weeks!!! I will be posting all about what I learn. Hopefully some serious improvements in my photography skills will be made.

Who knows, I might be charging for my services by the time its all said and done.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Time on My Hands

How did I spend my weekend you ask? Well, let's just say it wasn't fun.

I had to have my wisdom teeth removed---- UGH!! I went for a regular cleaning during the first week in January. That is when the ole doc told me it was way past due to have my wisdom teeth removed.
I knew I would need to act fast because I have lots going on in the next few months as far as wedding stuff for my sister-in-law and a couple of sweet friends, which means not so much time for sitting around, all swollen face, doped up on pain meds eating pudding.

So I went for it and had them cut out this past Friday. My weekend consisted of pudding, potato soup, pudding, mashed potatoes, and jello. Between my mom and Ryan I was well taken care of! They love me even if I am a pity party waiting to happen. Although I think I was a great patient.

Ice Pack on my face all weekend long!
All this down time between having my wisdom teeth removed and the frigid temps (it snowed one day last week) I've had some serious time to catch up on a few TV series.

Ryan got me Apple TV for my birthday-- Can we talk about how great it is? Awesome. It has really aided me in getting caught up!

First up, was The Walking Dead. Ever since we took our fall trip to Senoia, GA where they film portions of The Walking Dead I've wanted to see what the show was all about. Now, I will say it's quite gruesome and I have to shut my eyes a good bit (read: when it shows blood and guts). It has me locked in for the long haul at this point. I've watched all of season one, two and what has been released of season three.

Rick is a good man. I would follow him during a Zombie Apocalypse any day. I will say that Zombies are kind of ridiculous. They are the slowest, dumbest villains of all time. This fact makes the whole premise less scary. Also, if you watch this show... if they return from the mid-season break and kill off Daryl Dixon I will be done. He is my favorite character.

The next show I wanted to check off the list was HBO's GIRLS. Oh my goodness it is hilarious! It is right on as far as how girls really talk/act. It has the shock factor which, let's be honest, who doesn't love?

I've finished season one. Season two just started back this month. I can't get enough. Also, I love that Marni is played by Brian Williams daughter, Allison Williams.

Isn't she so pretty?

I watch episodes when she does crazy stuff and I think to myself, "I bet conservative evening news anchor, Brian Williams would not approve of this!" (like I know what Brian Williams thinks or if he's even conservative)

Finally, to wrap up my crazy TV show indulgence-- I've also watched one and half seasons of Pretty Little Liars. It is a teeny bopper show, but I love it! I love the girls' fashion and the fact that the story line can get pretty far fetched. Like seriously, just call the police already!

I want to know so desperately who "A" is. I'm addicted! WHO IS A?????

So that's what I've been up to lately! Don't be too jealous. Although, I'm convinced my lack of being able to eat has aided me in knocking off the few holiday pounds I may have gained over Christmas. Bright side, people. Bright side!

NYE Rager 2013

(obviously this is way late... like I said I haven't been able to upload pictures to blogger until today)

We brought in 2013 in style! We  tossed on our best sparkly attire and toasted to a new year! I'll just let the pictures do the talking!

My New Year's Resolutions are as follow:
  1. Learn all the words to a song so that I can sing a solo version of a new karaoke song.
  2. Run at least three 'races' this year- probably 5Ks.
  3. Grow in my spiritual journey. Complete several devotional books to help with this goal. I'm starting with this book -- on Day 10 and so far I'm loving it.
  4. Save, SAVE, SAVE!!! I want my own home (with multiple bathrooms, and counter space, and closet space, etc.) more than anything and saving, saving, saving, can ensure that we make this happen.
  5. Keep working toward finding a new job that I love!
  6. Take a photography class! (I start this one tomorrow at Auburn University!!) I'm so excited to really learn and understand how to use my "big girl camera"
  7. Take a trip with Ryan to somewhere we've never been! 
Here's to making things happen in 2013!

Then I turned 28!

(I have had this post and the next couple written for quite some time; however, I haven't been able to upload pictures until today. weird. So this is me catching up)

Two days after Christmas I celebrate my birth. It's so fun competing with the biggest holiday of the year, but my friends get it.

They understand that my gifts need to be wrapped in birthday paper.

I started my day at my parent's house for breakfast with my grandparents and parents. After breakfast I rode to Auburn and bought myself Gigi's Cupcakes and new outfit.

Peanut Butter Cup, Red Velvet, Blueberry Cobbler, and Kentucky Bourbon

That evening my sweet friend Lacey and her husband John hosted a birthday dinner in my honor!!

Three days after I turned 28 my husband turned 29! We had a little birthday night out with some of his friends and lunch the next day with his family. I think it is safe to say we both had great birthdays.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Family Chirstmas Fun

Family is what it's all about during the Holidays. Ryan and I both come from the most loving and caring families. We are so blessed in that respect.

His family has taken me in as one of their own and I couldn't love them more and Ryan is just as much a Toland as any of us! Love abounds.

Ryan and I had a quite moment together on Christmas Eve before heading out to do family stuff. We opened presents by the tree light. It was romantic. 

Christmas Eve we enjoyed a traditional dinner at my mom's mother's house. The kiddos at that Christmas keep it interesting. They were stoked about Santa and hyped up on sugar-- it was wild.

My brother sadly had to work late on Christmas Eve so we got a little bit of late start at my parents house, but that was fine. We listened to Christmas music and opened our presents.

Christmas morning Ryan and I head over to his parents for even more presents and lunch. For dinner on Christmas Day night we get together with my Dad's side of the family.

During the holidays Ryan and I tend to run a marathon of family functions, but we wouldn't have it any other way! It was a great Christmas!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Chirstmas Ya Filthy Animal

I'm back tracking here, but the holidays were so wild and crazy I had no time to update the blog with Christmas fun.

We kick off Christmas with a Holiday Dirty Santa/Birthday Bash for my friend, Whitney, at her lake house each year on the 23rd of December.

The only rules are: bring a Dirty Santa gift, show up ready to have fun, and DRESS FESTIVE in some way.

Costumes this year included: a cute little elf, a tacky Christmas Redneck,  a weird perv skeezer named Bobby, a candy land unicorn, Uncle Eddie from Christmas Vacation, and even Santa Claus.

A few weeks before the party I excitedly called Ryan to let him know that I had a grand idea for our Christmas outfits for the party.

We were Christmas Villains, in the form of Harry and Marv from Home Alone.
The WET Bandits

Dirty Santa always gets crazy! This year was no exception. I ended up with some Christmas Panties and a bottle of wine. According to our party hostess, Ryan and I also won the costume contest this year!!

The yellow flower had to be held by the person choosing a gift.

This fun evening is the perfect way to kick off the holiday weekend. Christmas gets so busy and this is the best way for all of us to get together before the madness of family fun sets in. It was definitely a rowdy night-- at one point fireball whiskey was being passed around and sipped straight from the bottle, which made things quite interesting to say the least.
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