Tuesday, March 1, 2011

O.T.W- "Let It Be Me"

Over the weekend Ryan and I traveled to Eufaula, Alabama for my sweet friend, Katie Beth's wedding.

It was a weekend packed to the brim with fun.

Friday the girls had the bridesmaids' luncheon, which consisted of a champagne cocktails, good food, and discussing the upcoming nuptials.

From L to R- Front Row: Alisha and Adler Rae. Back Row: Landon, Kelsie, Libby, Katie Beth, Kathryn, Mindy, Lacey, Brittany, and Me! The bride's attendants.
The weather was so nice over the weekend. Just about all of our free time was spent by the hotel pool with a cold beverage.

Friday night Brandon's (the groom obviously) parents hosted a great rehearsal dinner. Speeches were made, a few folks might have teared up here and there, and the well wishes offered! I'm still trying to figure out what the fish dish was... It was so good!

This is the only picture I have from the rehersal dinner. Apparently I found it neccessary to toast with our desserts (and take a picture of it). I must say the dinner was awesome.
Saturday we awoke to BEAUTIFUL weather. I'm mean it could not have been any prettier. Not a cloud in the sky, in the mid seventies, and perfect! (It certainly could have gone in the other direction being that it was a February wedding)

Katie Beth was suprisingly calm. You see my friend, KB, is very much a planner (type A if you will). I couldn't imagine how she might handle the day of... but she was relaxed and excited.

The bride was gorgeous... just as the bride should be!

 The bridesmaids weren't too bad looking either!


Artsy photo of a few of the bmaids walking around downtown E-Town.

Mindy felt slighted because she wasn't in enough pics from the Bachelorette Party post. So this is me giving due credit. Isn't Mindy lovely?
The wedding ceremony was beautiful and oh so sweet...  The reception was a ton of fun as any wedding recpection should be!! Katie put a lot of hard work into the weekend and it really came together.
After seeing the bride and groom off we hit a local bar for some continued fun. 

Wild Cat Bess made it to E-Town for the wedding, as did my sweet, sweet roomie from way back, Kaci.

I'll close with this picture of John and Ryan because it honestly made me laugh out loud. What are they doing? Why is Ryan way over in John's seat? Why is John hugging Ryan? Who knows? But what I do know is that it basically sums up the weekend. It was pretty much a love-fest!


Day Old News said...

Yay for wedding season! You girls look so cute and I love the bride's statement necklaces.

Elizabeth Wood said...

yall are pretty!!!!!

Katie Beth said...

Great pics Jess! The one of us two is HOTT! Love it :) and thanks for being apart of our special day!

jane said...

What was up with John and Ryan. Watch those two!! Love all the pics. You guys have such a fun group.

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