Friday, March 25, 2011

Fun Fact Friday

A few Sanford Family Fun Facts for your Friday:
  • We'll start with a random fact about me. After reading The Diary of Anne Frank I had nightmares for several months.... and I was 21 years old when I read it, not 13. I would dream of poor Anne Frank in that attic and wake up in a cold sweat. 
  • Speaking of dreams, I have a reoccuring dream that my teeth are falling out. Sometimes they simply fall out while eating, other times they crumble... but I always wake up reaching for my mouth to make sure that my teeth are in fact still there. Deidra looked into what this dream  actually means one time and then told me it was bad and I shouldn't know. So I took her word and have never looked into it further. I like to believe that it means I will one day win the lottery. 
  • Maggie's one true love (other than Ryan and I) is socks. The dirtier the better. We can't keep up with our socks and I'm constantly having to restock the sock drawer. She hides them all over the house. So, if you're ever over for a visit and notice a lone sock tucked away under a throw pillow- Don't worry Maggie probably just decided to hide it there before you arrived.

  • Ryan's go to dance move is what I like to call the Aeroplane. If we are at a wedding, party, or anything involving dance music, at some point you can guarantee he's going to toss those arms out airplane style. (ryan- this is what happens when I call and ask you for a fun fact and you give me nothing. I come up with my own.)

Hope everyone has a great weekend.


tootie said...

I have that same dream about the teeth! And the weird thing is that my husband has those dreams, too.

Lacey said...

old school pic-NO beard!!

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