Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hair Trend: Sock Bun

I've been working on perfecting the top knot, or I guess I should just say bun.

The sock bun to be exact. There are lots of tutorials on Pintrest (click here to chose one).

My hair is long, but not thick so any time I toss it up it looks like a tiny little thin ball on top of my head. Not exactly the look I'm going for.

Once I realized with the use of a sock I could create the appearance of a thick bun I was all in.

Check my results:
From the front

From the back. Look how thick and full it looks. 
Now I just need to rock the sock bun out in public. It's the perfect look for summer-- Come in off a long lake day and just toss your locks up in a bun. Easy and stylish.

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