Cast of Characters

I often think to myself, if someone new stopped by my blog would they know who these people are I refer to on weekly basis? Chance are probably not!

So I thought it might be fitting to introduce the people I refer to most often her on the blog-diggity:

RYAN- the handsome husband. Man, I love Ryan with my whole heart. He makes me laugh, he helps me to be tough when I'm down and out (although that can be quite the feat as I am a bit of a sissy), and he loves me back just as much as I love him.


Deidra- The best friend/Maid of Honor/Sister God intended me to have. She's been with me since birth and she'll be my best friend to the very end. That's all I need to say about her.

Lacey- Author of Viva Las Lacey, she is the best friend with a blog. A wild and free kind of gal who will wear and say just about anything. We can and do talk about anything under the sun. From sex talks to pep talks this kid and I discuss it all. I won't even start on how many people we've had to put to pasture.

Oh there's Lacey in the pink...

Ali- The sister-in-law. I never had a sister growing up and quite frankly didn't see the need for one. I had Deidra and that was enough. But then I married Ryan and I gained Ali. God knew exactly what he was doing... because I just love her with my whole heart. Plus she's fun to have around from time to time.

Harley Toland- The wisest dog ever to grace the earth. I guess you could say he's kind of like my episode of Teen Mom. I adopted Harley when I lived at home before ever moving off to college. He stayed behind and my mom has raised him up right. I have undying love in my heart for him... but his home is with my parents.

Maggie - The Dorkie (daschund/Yorkie mix); crazy, fun-loving, best little friend to both Ryan and myself. Lover of socks, peering out the window, and bones. She completes our family.

The Core Group of Friends - All girls have that core group of friends they run with and here's mine:
From L to R:
Ali, Brittany, Katie Beth, Deidra, me, Alana, Bess, Kaci, Lacey, Hayden

I think this post describes our friendships quite well. As we've gotten older we've maintained our friendship despite how different we've all become. That's the beauty though...

The Family - God blessed me with the most wonderful family. I have the most caring mom, the kindest dad, and best brother. My parents raised me up right and I vow to take care of them when they're old and feeble.
My Mom and Brother Dancing at our wedding.

Me and Dad dancing at the wedding
The In-Laws - God went ahead and blessed me again with a wonderful set of In-laws. Sometimes my personality might be a bit much, as they tend to all be super laid back, but at the end of the day they have welcomed me in as one of the family. For that, I couldn't be more grateful. Right now they are on the right path to me helping taking care of them when they are old feeble as well!!

Ali, Clay (bro-in-law), Lu, Benny, me, Ryan

I think this Cast of Characters should just about cover the majority of folks I reference most often.
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