Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Well goodness gracious... another weekend has come and gone. I live for the weekends. I truly do.

I love to see Friday arrive and hate to see Sunday go. I wake up on Monday mornings and have to talk myself into not calling in sick simply to get to sleep a little longer.

Ryan and I had a really good weekend. It was pretty laid back.

Friday night we had a little date night complete with dinner and drinks.

On Saturday we had to head over to Ryan's hometown for a Bar-B-Que in honor of my dad's sisters birthday. It was really nice and it's always great to get to hug a few family member we don't get to see every day.

On our ride home I texted Deidra and tossed out the idea of meeting up for a cocktail. She was quick on the uptake of that idea and was waiting in the drive way when Ryan and I pulled up.

We hit up the local hometown bar where literally everyone does know your name. We ran into sweet Blair(brunette pictured below) and we sat and chatted the night away.

GIMLETS were enjoyed at one point during the weekend. Yum, yum!

Side note... Blair has a new bf. A one, Mark Gilliland. They are true loving. Here's a pic of Mark. He's a devout reader of the blog. Shout out shawt shawt.
Click pic to enlarge.

The girls' night ran kind of late... and we ended up shutting the place down.

Sunday was stormy and gross for the most part... but overall, the weekend was a major success.


Lacey said...

Shout out!! Yay for seeing Marky Mark this weekend!

Brittany Bain Stegall said...

haha. this made me laugh. love you toland.

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