Thursday, April 23, 2009

3 Fun Facts...

I just felt like sharing a few fun facts today. So here you go:

Fun Fact #1- I rode a mechanical bull one night. Don't ask. I was in Nashville for a Bachlorette Party- hence the attire. Enough said.

This is how it ended. Don't worry, no one was harmed.

That's me right there. In the bottom corner.

Fun Fact #2- I am so ready for Lake Days. I just about can't stand it. Then I go and do something stupid like look at pictures like these...

And it makes me want to be on a noodle at Chimney Rock even more. That was a huge mistake on my part. Note to self: NEVER look at fun lake pictures on pretty days when cooped up inside.

Fun Fact #3- Ryan has liked me for a while. I think you should all know exactly which night Ryan realized he had it pretty bad for yours truly. It was the weekend Auburn played Buffalo- the year of 2006. A large group of friends spent the evening at the notorious, War Eagle Supper Club. I think that he had always been kind of crushing on me- but something about the romantic setting the supper club creates- maybe it's the shot bus or the musty smell- but I honestly think this is when Ryan realized he loved me. [Please note it would be several months before he could confess this to me- timing wasn't quite right just yet]

Here's the Group Shot:

Find Ryan- Now find me. I'm just sayin'

I think these fun facts about me should hold you all over. Now I am off to the gym- so as to look half way decent in my new bathing suits that I just ordered from Vicky S.

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Verdict's In.

The verdict is in on a couple things. This weekend Ryan and I met his parents and my brother for Auburn's Spring Game, also known as A-day [sidenote- my parents came down after the game]. My friend Lacey, over at My Jewelery Box, suggested that I post about how The Tigers looked this weekend. I did say that I would have a full report on Monday-- So I had to call Ryan (see post back in February if you aren't sure who Ryan is). This is his take on the 2009 Auburn Tigers:

"I really like Chizik. He is a hard-working, hard-nosed type coach. He has a very hands on approach. [The Tigers] still have a good bit of work to do on offense. We still have to define a quarterback, but it's basically down to Cottle or Burns- let's hope Todd is not in the running at all. On defense [the tigers] look pretty solid-- but we always have a solid defense. That's just a given at Auburn."

Then he went on to say this:

"I was really thankful that I was able to watch the A-day game with such a Hott Girl like yourself..."

Okay- so he didn't say that last part. But he was thinking it. I'm sure.

Like I said I was at the game too- but I was having a hard time paying attention- first because Auburn was playing the Offense v. the Defense (I didn't get it) and second because we had two families sitting right in front of us and let's just say one of the daddy's was somewhat annoyed with his son, Brady. (I know Brady's name because I heard "SIT DOWN, BRADY" "DRINK THIS, BRADY" EAT A CARROT, BRADY") In my opinion he was being a bit harsh on ole, Brady, however, I don't have any children at this time- so who am I to have an opinion on parenting?

The Verdict about AUBURN= It's looking good.

I also read a book this weekend. (Yes, I found time to read an entire book) I read, The Reader, a novel by German law professor and judge, Bernhard Schlink. My cousin suggested this book- and I took him up on it. (Thanks Brad) Now, this book is neither light-hearted nor fun-loving, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. It is a story of a lady named Hanna-age 36, and a 15 year old boy named Michael, who have a love affair- if you want to call it that. As the story progresses several years down the road it ventures into the court room. The main character Michael faces a difficult moral challenge. I would never want to spoil a good book for anyone else, but I would advise stopping by your local book store and picking this one up.

The Verdict for The Reader = Good Book, but not for the faint of heart.

I think that's all I have for now. If anyone has any suggestions for a good book- please feel free to leave me a comment.

Courts Adjourn!

Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm feeling a bit Random Today...

Or better yet, I have been random all week. I have surfed the web and discovered a few places some of you may know about... but I didn't. I'll share a couple of these places. I learned that in Prague (or about 50 miles outside of Prague) there is a little church that is made up human bones. Really. Not even kidding. HUMAN BONES! It's pretty creepy. Here's a link so you can learn about it too... I told you I was random today. Look how scary- ewww.

A girl can really learn about some crazy stuff while surfing the web. Another place I discovered was this hotel: It's a dang hotel made right out of ice. So wild. How would anyone ever think to do that? I hate being cold and I certainly don't think I would enjoy spending the night in a hotel made of ICE! The hotel is built out of ice from the frozen Thorne River each winter. Once spring/summer roll around the hotel melts away... the river returns. Random Indeed!

I think that I should also let you all in on something else. I made my flower arrangement this week. Didn't like it. End of story. I need practice. My ideas and creativity far exceed my ability to execute properly. The flower arrangement that I made was made of dark red and cream roses- I didn't create the arrangement in the correct type of vase, therefore it wasn't what I had envisioned. I was trying to work with something I had around the house without having to purchase something. Lesson learned. I will NOT give up on my dream though. I'll just continue to practice. I think that is what will really help me move right along in improving my desired skill. here's a picture anyway...

I also created this sweet little thing. The lighting is all wrong, but it such a sweet little arrangement. You can't really tell by the picture, but the arrangement is in an old pitcher. Loved it!

I went out on a limb this week and supplied a small, less fortunate child with a pair of shoes. By that I mean I bought myself a pair of TOMS. For every pair of TOMS (which is a brand) that is sold a pair of shoes is given to a small child in a far away land. For anyone that needs a great pair of shoes that are light, yet comfy- you may want to look in to getting a pair of these. You will not only end up with a pair of shoes on your feet, but a warm place in your heart for the good deed you've done! I'm just sayin' This is the pair I ordered:

This weekend Ryan and I are meeting his parents for the A-day Game at Auburn. We are having dinner after. It should be fun. The weather will be nice- and we will get to see the new coach in action. I should have a full report on Monday.

Have a Happy Weekend!


Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun!

I had a wonderful Easter Weekend. I just love Easter. The fact that you spend Sunday Morning at church then the rest of the afternoon with family - makes for the perfect day.

Ryan and I had breakfast together and headed to church. The service was so nice. The Pastor at Ryan's church is so insightful. The message was about Easter and the events that took place 2000 years ago... but it was also about what the events of Easter mean for us today. The Pastor discussed finding hope in a time of despair- and the importance of turning to Him for guidance during difficult times. Not to get to heavy for anyone- but the message on Sunday was really good.

After church Ryan and I made our rounds- literally. We went all over the place. First to The Bolan's in town, then to The Sanford Easter in Coosa County, and last but not least to The Toland Easter get together at the farm. I will be honest here- I did try to be a little selfish and tell Ryan that I didn't care if I went to my Easter by myself- he didn't have to come... it would be fine. However, I realized that I was being selfish (in attempt to spend the most time with my family) and quickly retracted my statement, which I followed up with kind words such as... I don't really want to miss your family's Easter lunch, but we better not be late for MY family's because of YOUR'S. I realize that this is something I need to work on.
I am so thankful that we both have large families that all value the importance of spending time with one another. I loved every minute of every location. We laughed a lot, ate way more than I would like to discuss at this time, and enjoyed time with our families. Who could ask for a better day?

Oh... and the flower arrangement that I promised is coming. Continue holding your breath.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Mere Dream? I think NOT!

I have to let you all in on something. It's nothing huge but I need to let you all know about a secret plan... I have a dream to one day open a flower boutique with my best friend Lacey. We have already decided on the name and the concept- which I am going to keep confidential at this time, so as not to be robbed of our great idea. Those of you who know us well are probably all too familiar with our idea for this business venture, as we often long for our little business to be well established and thriving. One day maybe?

Today I am feeling inspired, if you will. I have all these wonderful ideas about flowers and how I, along with my business partner, Lacey, could make the world a more beautiful place just by opening our business and letting the world in on our spectacular ideas. That being said, I would like for you all to just take a look at the pictures of these beautiful flowers or arrangements below... I dare you not to be inspired.

The last two pictures are designs by a lady named Carol Glasser. You can check out a post about her over on

So in order to really challenge myself this week. I am going to make a promise to you all. I am going to make one of my ideas come to life. I will be creating a flower arrangement this week and will post the final results right here for the world (or the select few people who read my blog... I like to think the entire world) to see!! Hold me to it- and hold your breath because this will be a first!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Master Plan

I don't know about you all but I have some of the best friends a person could ever ask for.

When I was younger I always thought that our friendships would never change- and for the most part they haven't. Given, I do come from a small town and had always assumed that we would all always be extremely close. I will be honest here. My best friends and I (when we were in high school- so we were oh so young and naive) planned on graduating from college, getting married, and living in the same gated community. Really. We actually had long discussion about this master plan. We even discussed how -once we were MARRIED- we would try to have children at the same time so that they could all be in the same grade. We are a lot.

So far we have all graduated from college, but that's about the only thing that has gone according to plan. We have all gotten jobs, but not all in the same town. Only one of us has gotten married... and who knows she may just go ahead and have a baby without any regard to the master plan! I am in our hometown, some of us ended up in Birmingham, Atlanta or even Auburn.

The one thing that has remained the same is the friendship that we all share. We can go for months without actually talking to one another, but once we're all together... it's just like old times. That's why I love my friends. We may be loud (if you have ever been around us... that is probably the only complaint you will have) but we are true to ourselves and for the most part lots of fun!

I have come to the realization that as we get older we have to make a point to stay in touch. Find time for one another. But the great thing about a true friend is that no matter how long you may go between visits.... you can pick up right where you left off.

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