Tuesday, May 3, 2011

O.T.W- The Beach and a Wedding with Family

Over the weekend...

. . .  I headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama with family. We enjoyed sitting on the beach, enjoying cocktails while the waves rolled in. It was exactly what I've been needing.

Each morning we had fresh fruit, bacon and eggs... not to forget a mimosa to take the edge off from the previous night's shenanigans.

It was so much fun to spend the weekend with my mom, dad, brother, aunt, grandmother, and my step-grandad.

On Saturday, my cousin, Ben, married his love, Ashley, at Dorgan's Inn in Point Clear, Alabama.

It was the "excuse" we used to head to the beach for a long weekend, as Point Clear is just a 28 miles from the Gulf Shores.

The wedding was beautiful. I have decided that my next friend or family member that gets married will be doing so under the oak trees at Dorgan's Inn. I feel in love with this place!

Honestly... This is my dream house. I've always said I wanted a white house with black shutters, and a wrap around porch. The tin roof is simply a bonus. It was love at first sight. 

The guest house.

The view looking from the porch of the two houses.

First Dance.

Ashley's dress is so similiar to the one we picked out for Deidra's one day wedding dress when we were shopping for my wedding dress. Deidra, do you love?

Ben is an avid golfer and works at a golf course, so it was only fitting to have a golf themed cake.

Are you just loving how pretty this place is?

This is so random, but this picture makes me think of the movie, Pelican Brief. I have no idea why.

It was such a perfect weekend.

*side note: Ryan and I parted ways this weekend, as he attended another party we were invited to, hence his absense in the above photos. It wasn't the same without him.


Lacey said...

GORGEOUS venue!! i love the house too...porches are so key and a tin roof is the best

you are thinking pelican brief b/c it's a sunset on the book and movie covers if i'm not mistaken

Deidra said...

Aghhhhhh!!! That is my dress and I LOVE that place!!! Guess we'll have to remeber to take this post down when I have my one-day wedding to my one-day groom in that one-day dress!!!

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