Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Beauty Trend: DO or DON'T?

I don't know about you but I keep noticing a growing trend. A trend that I find random.

 I keep seeing photos of people with patterned temporary lip tattoos by Violent Lips.

I thought to myself... Is this what is in? Am I falling behind on my beauty trends?


Is this an odd phenomenon of people doing weird things to attract attention?

The answer to the questions in which I asked myself is probably yes to the latter.

I decided to investigate further. I needed to know more. I needed to know what in the world would make someone want to put a temporary tat on their lips.

As it turns out it actually is a growing trend. The company Violent Lips has a slew of options to choose from... checkered, glitter, cheetah, polka-dot... you name it.

According to the tutorial I watched on the website, one simply fits the temp tat to your lip and applies with water just like a temporary tattoo. They last up to four hours and create a one of a kind look for you lips.

Khloe in the Silver Glitteratti

Kim K in the checkered

Random person in cheetah.
So what do you think? Fashion Do or Fashion, It's-so-Dumb, DONT?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Recognize this House?

The house from the movie HOME ALONE has recently been listed for sale for a cool 2.4 million dollars.

Check out this article for a cool write up and photos comparing the home now to what the house looked like during filming!

I would love to slap my face and then yell like crazy in the upstairs bathroom! Wouldn't you?

If only I had millions of dollars and wanted to relocate to the Chicago suburbs.

O.T.W. -- Wrapping Up Chirstmas Shopping

Friday night I met Deidra for wine and tapas in our little downtown area.

It was lovely!

Saturday I wrapped up my Christmas shopping. I might be random... who knows, but everyone has a Christmas prize and it's the thought that counts at the end of the day! Right?

I hate to ruin the surprise but Merry Christmas to Ryan!
After some serious shopping we decided that Mexican was in order as well as a good ole Margarita!

Shopping can really get you worked up!! Margarita's really take the edge off.

Saturday was also my Dad's birthday, but he had to work. Sad. However, we made up for it by feasting at a local BBQ restaurant in celebration on Sunday!!

When I say feast... I mean FEAST! Please note how much food came out!! No one left hungry.

Fun Times!!

Our Christmas tree!
Count down to Christmas is on at our house!! (which means Ryan had better work me out a Christmas gift because as of yesterday I had no presents under the tree).

Friday, December 16, 2011

Oh Hi, Friday! Good to See You!

Can you believe Christmas is in just nine days? I have got to get aggressive this weekend and finish up my shopping. I started out strong and then fizzled out.

On to more important matters....

Yesterday I was out of work, as I've been beat down by a serious cold. This is no fun, however, it did allow me to curl up on the couch for a day and half and indulge in Christmas movies and daytime television.

Yesterday morning the nominations for Golden Globes were announced. Nothing huge about that, however, what was awesome about it was Gerard Butler.

How handsome! Ryan was getting ready for work, and I found myself suggesting he grow his hair out like Mr. Butler's. And then that accent.... I watch P.S I Love You every time it's on because of this guy.

I think I have a thing for bearded men that look a little rough around the edges!!

Later in the day I realized I actually was quite ill when I watched an entire LIFETIME movie. I loathe Lifetime movies, yet in a drug induced haze I found myself engulfed in figuring out who the murder was, what his motives were, and why all those women were being killed?

It got weird.

After some serious TV watching I hit the web. This little snippet, "Shit Girls Say" cracks me up. I watched it earlier in the week and then again yesterday. It's so true. I say every single thing mentioned.

I mean, listen, can you do me a huge favor? Hilarious.

Then I found out that yet another Nicholas Sparks book, Lucky One, will be coming to theaters in the near future. The main star happens to be a celebrity crush of mine (one of many)!

It might be a good one... who knows.

That's all I've got for today...

...I hope you all are done shopping and can spend your weekend gazing at your Christmas Tree whilst sipping hot chocolate.  I will be fighting the holiday crowds to hook Daddy, The In-Laws and Ryan up with a Christmas gifts! No family member left behind!!!!


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

OTW-- A Surprise Party, An Engagement Party, & Candy Day

Whew, I'm tired. This past weekend was a lot. We had a surprise party for our friend Blake in Roanoke, AL (Ryan's hometown... stay down) on Friday night. It was Western Themed so we tossed on our boots and hit the road.

It was outside, therefore pretty cold, but we feasted on good food and potentially a few folks hopped on this guy for a good old bull ride:

Yes, they rented a mechanical bull for the party!

Saturday night we had to head back to Roanoke for an Engagement Party for Ryan's pal Will and his fiance, Julie. We've had an engagement party for some one in the Roanoke Clan for the past three years. Here's the linky to the one Ryan and I shared with some a couple of other folks! They are always a lot of fun. 

Sunday was Candy Day. Click this link to see last year's Candy Day.

Every year some one makes the comment, "HAVE YOU EVER SEEN SO MANY SWEETS?" and the answer to that question is "WHY YES. YES WE HAVE.... AT LAST YEARS CANDY DAY!"

It's craziness. It's fun. It's baby's running around, people laughing,  taste-testing the fruits of our labor, and most importantly spending quality time with the people we love most.

It got a bit heated when Lane and Paula began making two different recipes of Sand Tarts at the same time. Lane was working with her grandmother's recipe and Mrs. Paula had her own variation of the treat.

Some how it turned into a "pretend" episode of IRON CHEF. Paula was the Iron Chef and Lane was the challenger.

In a blind taste test Lane's Sand Tart was declared the winner. (but it was really, really close) I've tasted both and they are equally good!

Ashton blindfolded and ready for the Sample A.

And the winner is.... LANE.

But all is well that ends well, as the competitors shake hands. There is always next year and Iron Chef Paula will be back for a rematch!!!

It was the perfect afternoon to wrap up a very busy weekend!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

OTW... Gearing Up For Christmas

Around this Sanford Household this past weekend we were gearing up for the Christmas Season!! Love it!

-I blasted Christmas music while Ryan and I decorated our tree. 

Look at that sheer excitement on my man's face.

-I purchased Kourtney Kardashian's "Kourt is RED-i for a Pedi" for cheerful nails.

-I watched The Holiday while wrapping gifts... because that always gets me in the spirit.

I'm normally not the kind of person who takes the time to wrap gifts pretty. Usually, I throw some wrapping paper on with a pre-made bow. However, this weekend I spent a little extra time and I'm so grateful I did. Isn't my gift wrapping beautiful?

-Lastly, I made Maggie rock her new Christmas sweater just because.

It was a laid back weekend, but just what the doctor ordered since it's about to be a jammed packed holiday season!
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