Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Coat of Many Colors*

*Name who sings that...

I have been dying for an excuse to wear my new coat. However, since it found it's way into my home we've had wonderfully warm weather... until this past Friday night!

A bit of a cold spell set in Friday afternoon and on into the evening so I seized the opportunity to rock my new fab find to a rehearsal dinner:

Obviously it's an over sized, fur, leopard number, and I love it. I felt very Rachel Zoe while rocking it. Ryan swears the women in my family love animal print and gold shoes... and quite frankly his theory tends to hold true.

A lady I work with had a box of stuff she was taking to the thrift store in the back seat of her car. Well, I happened to park next to her car and saw some animal print in the back seat. I immediately went inside to inquire. The next thing I knew, this little kitty was headed home with me.

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