Friday, November 20, 2009

New to the Farm

We have a new member at our Family Farm. We have two donkeys that live at our farm. We originally purchased the male donkey, known as Eddie Murphy, to protect the cattle from coyotes and whatnot. However, he was lonely so we answered in a big way and gave him a companion, if you will. We purchased a little lady donkey we like to refer to as, Mel B. (at least that what I call her).

Side note: for those of you unsure about the names, let me explain... Eddie Murphy was the voice of "Donkey" in the movie, Shrek. In real life Mel B., former member of The Spice Girls is Eddie Murphy's baby's mama... It's the only thing that made sense to me.

Well, the two jackasses got together and created this little guy (or girl- I'm not sure of the sex of the new donkey):

We are positive that Eddie Murphy is indeed the baby daddy in this situation, as Eddie and Mel. B. were pretty candid in their love and affection for one another.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cracked me UP!

This made me laugh out loud at my desk to the point that several people asked me what was going on. Enjoy!


It's taken a bit longer this year for fall to show its colors, but it finally got here. I love fall, as do many others, for this reason.

We had beautiful weather this past weekend, which required that we get outside and enjoy the day. So we headed down to the Fish Camp for an afternoon of watching football and night around a campfire.

The boys getting ready for a serious game of horseshoes.

I caught a rare moment of love between teammates.

Ryan and I babysat sweet Maggie again this weekend. She loved spending the day outside...

But loved all the attention she got from the boys even more...

The rest of the evening was spent around the campfire.

Can't complain about a fun weekend with good friends and great weather.

*Please note I also worked pretty hard on increasing the curb appeal at Ryan's- a post is sure to come. Please check in later this week!

The DC Sniper

What do I have in common with the ‘DC Sniper’? Virtually nothing, however, we did travel along the same path back in 2002.

Let me start from the beginning. In September of 2002 a liquor store clerk was killed during a robbery in Montgomery, AL. This was tragic, however, certain parts of Montgomery are not the safest places so one would assume that some cracked out person needed some money and the robbery went bad. Little did we know this was the start of what would be days of media coverage and fear due to an unknown sniper.

Around that same time my mom and grandmother were planning a trip to Virginia to visit long lost friends from back in the day. Eventually they convinced me to join them and in October of 2002 we embarked on a road trip.

We had our route mapped out. We would travel along I-85 through Atlanta and on through The Carolinas and then would hop on to I-95 in Virginia to finish out the day. It was going to be a long haul, a little more than 11 hours, so we had packed snacks to eat along the way. We planned to stop at a rest area here and there to stretch and enjoy the beautiful fall weather.

We had no idea that we were traveling along the same route as a crazed sniper. We weren’t listening to the radio for “breaking news updates”- we were listen to a romance novel on CD, because that’s how we roll. Hell, I drove a good bit of the trip may have cut off that infamous blue caprice that the sniper was traveling in a time or two. Who knows?

When we arrived at our hotel we finally realized what was going on. Innocent bystanders were being killed in the Virginia area along I-95… someone reading a book on bench, someone waiting for the bus, someone innocently pumping gas. It’s just a blessing that the sniper didn’t stop off at rest area and shoot three innocent ladies from Alabama who had simply stopped to stretch and have a snack.

It is a coincidence that my mom, grandmother and I traveled along the same path from Alabama to Virginia and had no idea that we were ever in harms way, but neither did lady who was reading her book, or the man pumping gas. No one should have to be fearful of being shot while on a family vacation, or while doing his or her day-to-day tasks. However, in today’s times you don’t know what could be lurking around the next corner or in the blue caprice that you may or may not have cut off…. and that’s the scariest part of the world we live in.

Today the ‘DC Sniper’ is scheduled to be executed. I can only hope that this bring some closure to the families of his victims.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Weekend in a Nutshell:

This weekend was a lot of fun. Friday night consisted of sushi and cocktails (this is the way to my heart) in Auburn followed up by a visit to one of our old college haunts, Sky Bar.

Saturday morning Ryan and I went to the Auburn v. Ole Miss game. It was a great game. Auburn won (whoo hooo), but I had few issues. First, I told Ryan not to worry about getting any cash at the ATM because I was prepared, however,  when we got in the stadium and ordered our hot dogs and drinks it turned out my cash had fallen out of my pocket. So I had to tell the guy working the concession stands that we couldn't afford our hot dogs or drinks... It made me really sad. But then I remembered that one of my coworkers had given me $40 to pick her up something from the jewelry store and I had tucked it away in the side pocket of my purse... So I was able to use the cash, which was a life saver because Ryan and I hadn't eaten anything all day.

After all the issues at the concession stands we finally made it to our seats. I sat my drink down to wipe off the seat and a rude man knocked my drink over and didn't even apologize!  To top it off I got mustard on my jacket and jeans, but the stadium hot dog was worth all the nonsense.

Also note, Ryan and I made it on the JumboTron (big screen) during the second quarter. I had been joking about it during the first half and when I saw the camera coming our way... I quickly fluffed my hair and insisted that Ryan wave with me. I may or may not have knocked small children out of the way... for a moment on the big screen...(ha)

After the game several of us were sitting around watching football and began talking about Halloween, as it was October 31. One thing lead to another and we ended up at Harper Hill Church; "one of the most haunted places in the state of Alabama" according whoever makes that type decision...

picture from website...

As we ventured to the haunted church we told scary stories. By the time we arrived at the church I was too scared to get out of the car (I'm a sissy). I attempted to snap a picture, but it didn't turn out. I can only assume that a ghost didn't want his or her picture taken.

Sunday I wrapped up the weekend at my cousin's second birthday party.

Kylee, the birthday girl and sweet Cooper lending a helping hand. Please note Kylee's boots- this was our gift to her... I think she really liked them!

Oh- and just to let you know... Ryan and I made our first big purchase 'together' as we bought a 42 inch flat screen TV. Let me just say, it has really enhanced our television viewing. My only fear is that it will take Ryan's obsession with football to entirely different level (and not one that I would like).

Overall, I would venture to say that we had a great weekend! Hope you did too!
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