Monday, February 21, 2011

O.T.W.- Three Amigos

Over the past weekend, I took off to Birmingham for a hair appointment, some shopping, and basically some hanging out with good friends!

This is what Saturday night consisted of. . .

I love hanging out with these girls and hate I can't do it every weekend.

In other unrelated news... I CAN NOT TALK! If you know me then you know I'm a huge chatty kathy. I woke up Sunday morning and could only whisper. It has really brought me down. Last night I was on the verge of a huge pity party. I'm talking pity party with a band and even a keg! Not talking is not okay in my book. I like being heard and probably have one too many opinions throughout the day. I'm heading to the doctor this afternoon in hopes of a quick cure!

Friday, February 18, 2011

"We're going to beat the #2 out of them"

Football can be taken a little too seriously apparently. This past Wednesday, news broke that someone had poisoned the 150 year old Oak Trees at Auburn University's famous Toomer's Corner with lethal amounts of a controlled poison.

For those of you not from the South... Toomer's Corner has been a tradition at Auburn University since the 1980's. After a victory fans race to the corner of Magnolia and College Street to roll the Oak Trees in celebration.

It's one of many great traditions at Auburn, and it saddens my heart that some crazed fan (of our rival team) was hateful enough to take such extreme action. Like I stated, these trees are 150 years old. I simply can't get my mind around it.

 Lacey and I after Auburn beat Tennessee in 2008. It had been a long day.

Ryan and I back in 2007 after Auburn knocked off Alabama for the 6th year in a row.

The irony in all of this from my personal stand point is that Wednesday around lunch I got home to find a random package on my door. I thought to myself, why would the dresses I ordered be in such weird boxes? Then it hit me... it was from the Auburn University Scool of Forestry!!
There were actually two of these boxes, however, I had already opened one and then staged this photo.
It was the Baby Toomer's Corner Trees. You see, for Christmas Ryan and I gave both my parents and his a Baby Toomer Tree and they've just been able to ship them due to the weather. (Auburn had to ship them when the temp wouldn't drop below freezing so they wouldn't die in transit)

Are you asking yourself what a baby toomer tree is? Well let me explain. As a fundraiser over the last couple of years the AU School of Forestry has taken the seedlings from the two oak trees at Toomer's Corner and fertilized and raised the seedlings. You can then purchase the seedlings to plant so that you will forever have a direct descendant of Toomer's Corner. It comes equipped with a roll of Auburn Toilet Paper, official papers certifying that the tree is indeed a decedent, and a tag from the forestry department stating the year seedling you received. (We have a 2008 seedling)

The trees will be planted in pots until they get somewhat bigger and then they will be transplanted.

I went ahead and 'rolled' the baby toomer just for fun!

I had no idea when purchased the seedlings back in December just how valuable they would be. My parents have a farm that my Dad and his siblings grew up on and that's where he will plant his Baby Toomer. Ryan's parent's recently purchased some land and they've already picked out the exact spot that the Baby Toomer Oak will be planted.

Who knew that on the day that news broke about an idiot poisoning our Toomer's Corner Oak Trees my Baby Toomer's would show up on our door step? Such freakin' irony.

As I mentioned it came with a roll of AU toilet paper which I plan to roll our very own Baby Toomers with the next time we win another National Championship, which I hope will be within the next few years!

I hate that a fan would take such extreme measures and I hope that no Auburn fan stoops as low as to retaliate.

All In

I'm not sure why I haven't posted about this sooner... but just in case you missed it. . . 


won the


Ryan and I weren't fortunate enough to make it to Arizona for the Championship game, but we were certainly there in spirit!

The balloons were release at the celebration. It was so pretty watching them float away.

A couple of weeks later the University hosted a celebration at the stadium. It was estimated that maybe 50,000 fans would come out in support of the tigers, but, it ended up more like 78,000 fans!

The Heisman Trophy was presented to Cam Newton. The Lombardi Award was presented to Nick Fairly. The BCS National Championship Award was presented to the team! It was a great day.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Auburn was bred into me. I was born an Auburn fan! I never even thought to apply to another college when the time came. I only wanted a degree from place.

It's in my heart and for good reason. What a great year!


{SIDE NOTE- I have over 100 pictures from the celebration, but I am having some technical difficulty in uploading them. Check back, as this post will have more pictures later on}

O.T.W-- Kingpin Style

The weather was so nice over the past weekend. It was the kind of weather that basically requires one spend as much time as possible outside.

On Saturday Ryan and I hit up my cousins 3rd birthday party. It's always fun to hang with fam for a bit while we celebrate a birthday.

After the party we headed to Auburn for sushi and cocktails!! The food was delish and the cocktails strong- Just how I like 'um.

We ended Saturday night at the bowling alley. We met up with Ryan's bro, Clay and his cousin, Daniel. Also in attendance were Deidra and Caro.


We decided it would be best to divide into three teams. I naturally got paired with Ryan. I was thankful because he really carried our team in the first game.

Team Toland Sanford

Team Caro

Team Clay and Daniel. Cousins for Life!

I felt at the time it would be nice to document the Sanford's form. Clay tends to get low, whereas Ryan goes a bit figure skater style on us. Both methods proved to be consistent.

Deidra and I (along with my friend Kaci) took bowling as an elective when we were in school at Auburn. Basically the class consisted of meeting twice a week for two or three games of bowling.

Needless to say, we all made an A+ and probably had more fun that we should have. So Saturday night's bowling really took us down memory lane. (however, our performance did not lead anyone to believe we actually had an entire semester of bowling experience)

After the first game Deidra said, "Get a pic of the score board." I replied, "Nah. No need really." After the second game I decided I would snap a pic for the sake of the blog. Deidra caught me snapping away... and was all, "Why take a picture of this one? I came in last place?... Oh, I see. You didn't take a picture of the last score board because you lost." To which I responded, "It is for my blog. So I can do stuff like that!"  So in giving credit where credit is due.. I came in last place the first round and Deidra did the second round.

Sunday... Ryan hooked me up with some new tennis shoes as my Valentine prize, as that's what I basically requested.

It might not be the most romantic thing, but I was in dire need and they have made a huge difference at the gym. I love them!

Overall, it was a good weekend. Great weather, good food, bowling, cocktails, family, fun... can't beat it!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Movie Night

Last night Ryan and I had a little movie night.

I stopped by and picked up a movie for us on my way home from work. I decided I was getting a movie that I wanted to watch, because as of late Ryan has been picking the movies and let's just say I've watched some doozies!

I'm not going to dwell but I will say that we sat through the first half of Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World before I had to ask Ryan to make it stop...


And that is just one of three bad ones we've sat through lately.

Last night I decided that Ryan was having no say-so regarding the movie choice. I knew what I wanted and went for it!

We watched Life As We Know It, starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel.

Ryan was all... this movie will be so predictable, ugh romantic comedies, I bet I can guess how it ends....

I had to be a little firm and tell Ryan to stop with the complaints or take it to another room. He decided to stay.

The movie was really good, in my opinion... and to be honest I would have to say Ryan would agree. He was totally into whether he would admit it or not!

If you have time on your hands this weekend I would suggest checking it out!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Yesterday a friend  inquired about young Maggie. I then realized I hadn't posted a picture in quite some time... So here she is in all her glory.

With a face like that, she often gets away with more than she should.

She makes for the best snuggle buddy after she get ALL her energy out (which can take quite some time).

And right now she is in desperate need of a hair cut:

But that's why we love her. She owns her gnarley hair do like it's no body's business.

 This weekend I made the comment "Maggie is so freakin' wild" to which the overall response was, "She gets it so honest.

Monday, February 7, 2011

The Story of the Living Room

You may remember this post regarding my dream living room...

Well, where my living room is today is no where near my inspiration room.
Inspiration Room
I started out attempting to recreate the look. I mean, I bought a cream colored couch and I even went so far as to order a Lucite coffee table. The couch I loved and kept (not sure I had an option there) but the coffee table went right back to CB2. It was too small in comparison to the couch.

Then I ordered an ottoman from overstock thinking it could function as a coffee table. The size and color were both wrong... and this purchase I could not return. So now we have a random ottoman. (I will eventually find a use for it).

After two failed attempts at purchasing a coffee table for the space, I decided to focus on other aspects of the room. So, I moved to paint color.  The inspiration room has a beige couch with beige walls... but after thinking and dwelling, and painting random test spots in our living room I decided beige on beige just isn't me!

Behr's Garden Wall
Then I ordered lots of pillow from CB2 in a variety of colors... orange, cream, and even a little green.

The pillows arrived and were spectacular... I would 100% recommend ordering pillows from CB2.

Once the pillows arrived I realized I had a few original pieces of art that would work well in the space. Of course, the funky dachshund would stay (in tribute to half of Maggie's heritage), and I pulled in a painting a bought on a whim at an art show (I suppose it spoke to me) as well as some original art work my brother did when he was 13 [not pictured].

Please disregard the football on the side table. So random... and not a part of the decor

Last week, I bit the bullet and purchased a really cool rug from Pier 1. I got a great deal on it... and it works great in our living room.

Now, I think I am going to refinish the existing coffee table and I need to decide on some kind of window treatment. Any suggestions?

I've probably gone about it all wrong, as I'm sure there is a more defined order one should go in when it comes to decorating a room. I have simply made purchases I love and have made it work. It's still very much a work in progress.

Friday, February 4, 2011

"I feel like I've been shagged through the bushes backwards"

Just to quote Lisa, of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Let me tell you... I have loved watching this group of Beverly Hills Housewives. I think these housewives actually have tons of money, and aren't simply being posers who will eventually file bankruptcy.

If you have watched this season then you are well aware of Taylor's sad marriage and huge upper lip, Adrian's tinseled hair and rough housing children, Camille's failed marriage to Kelsey Grammar and crazy comments, Kyle's hunky husband, Lisa's permanent house guest gone awry, and Kim's difficulty in finding someone to share her life with. 

Boy this season was filled with drama, money, trips, and cat fights. But what season of Real Housewives isnt'? 

After the season came to an end with an explosive argument between Kim and Kyle (who happen to be sisters) I couldn't wait for the reunion.

Was it just me or was it was super awkward to even watch Kim and Kyle as host, Andy Cohen, inquired about the fight in the limo, the alleged alcohol problem, and the money issues on Kim's part?

It was very odd.
It was all very awkward in my opinion... but that's what I love about these shows. That's exactly what keeps me coming back for more- the drama, the nonsensical spending, the over the top outfits.

I think I watch in hope that one day I will be a real housewife. As in, Ryan goes to work and Mama (that's me) spends her days shopping, getting her nails done, and planning dinner parties...

I'll have to keep on dreaming!

Until then see you in Orange County, after we wrap ATL!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Gun Powder & Lead

Long time, no see, essay.

I've been super busy. As in, work is sucking it up, what with all these end of year reports I've had to complete.  Then last week I had to head out of town for training from Tuesday to Friday. So that was pretty intense and left me no room to blog. I mean, I could have done it over the weekend, but I ain't down with computer time on my off time. I think it has something to do with sitting at a computer for like 8 hours a day. I'm just sayin.

So speaking of training... It was intense, but I met some great people that work in the same field as me. It's always great to get a fresh perspective on things.

I was particularly fond of two girls who both happened to be from Illinois. They were sweet and on my level (a little bit or as much as is to be expected).

They decided I was the quintessential southern bell...  In their opinion, I was your stereotypical southern girl. Blond hair, blue eyes, sweet as honey, with a THICK southern drawl.  I had those gals fooled (about being so sweet any way)!!

Well, as they were explaining to me that I was just the typical southern girl it hit them at the same time who I reminded them of...


Now, this is nothing new for me. It's become quite the joke how many people have told me I look like Miranda. The first time I heard about this I was a young buck in a bar in Auburn and some guy was all... "You look just like Miranda Lambert. I think it's the cheek bones." I still haven't figured out where he was going with that... but he did not win my heart. (side note to any guys out there: do not comment on a girls cheek bones... that's weird. Go with something like "You have beautiful eyes" or "Your have the hottest bod." Don't go commenting on cheek bones or knees or anything else weird).

And so the  Miranda trend has continued. I don't know how much I agree, but I guess I should be flattered to be compared to any celebrity (unless it's Barbara Streisand, which happened one time too. I just plain ignored that)

So after my new friends referenced Miranda Lambert I got to thinking... What was it about me that causes people think of her?

Is it that we both have blond hair, blue eyes and apparently similar cheek bones?

Is it that people realize I am a natural performer just like Miranda?

Apparently we both have fans screaming, "You're number one!"

Or maybe it's that I favor her and my boo is tall, dark, and handsome just like hers?

I'm thinking if Ryan shaves his beard and slicks his hair back and we both tote around guitars... we have our next Halloween costume.

At the end of the day it may just be that she and I both have professional photo shoots in rustic settings? We even pose similarly- leaning to the left, showing no teeth, a bit cocky... If only I'd taken my damn guitar to my photo shoot.

Who knows exactly what it is, but Miranda is pretty, wild, and free... So I suppose I'll take it! 

It's just me and Charlie talkin'...

What's the low down with y'all? What celebrity have you been compared to?
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