Friday, July 31, 2009

In Case you Were Wondering

Charlie, the new addition to the family, is doing just fine. He has adapted well and is loving his new home. Most importantly, however, he and Harley are getting along much better. I would even go as far as to say that they are friends... maybe even BFF.

Yesterday I got home and I noticed that the side of Charlie's little face was a bit wet. I thought to myself that's weird... when I inquired as to the reason behind this I got a pretty random answer. I was told, matter of factly, that it was because Harley and Charlie had been playing and Harley licked him. Cracked me up.

Now on afternoon walks, Charlie gladly accompanies Harley. It's quit the sight. It's like our very own version Milo and Otis...

but it's Harley and Charlie!

I hope to have some better pictures of them hanging out soon.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving Back

Glue: $1.00

Pocket Folder with Tabs: $0.15

24 Pack Crayons: $0.35

10 Pack of Pens: $1.00
24 Pack of #2 Pencils: $0.84
Two Pack Glue Stick: $1.00

Helping supply children with the supplies they will need to start a school year off on the right foot: PRICELESS

I recently heard on the radio that different Publix Super Markets will have bins set up to accept donations in the form of school supplies for children of families that may not be able to afford everything that is required. If you live in area that has a Publix that is participating in this campaign, please try to find the time to contribute. A child deserves the opportunity to begin a school year excited and eager to learn... not embarrassed and concerned because he or she doesn't have adequate supplies. I mean, honestly, check out the prices of each item... if nothing else, while picking up your groceries grab a pack of pencils and toss them in the bin on the way to your car.

Think about it.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It spells GOOD TIME!

As I mentioned before, this past weekend was "Aquapalooza" on Lake Martin, with Alan Jackson as the headliner. I was super excited for the events of the weekend- and as it turns out- for good reason.

Ryan and I met everyone at our friend, John's, bright and early Saturday morning to begin one of the best days of the summer. We were shuttled from John's house to the the boat that was already at the concert venue. I can't rightfully come up with the words to describe the day. It was that much fun. I think the day/event could most likely be compared to "Organized Chaos."

People were every where, sea-doos galore, canoes, boats, floats, marine police- you name it, they were there. I would love to know how many people ended up in jail... I would suspect quite a few... because it was one rowdy good time.

Without further ado... I think I should let the pictures speak for themselves.

CMT Insider getting some footage of our crew.

Ryan and I suited up to swim over to his see his parents.

Party float!!

The Stage...

Alan in action.

Taking Precaution

Great Friends!!!

Playing it safe on the ride home!

Please tune in this Saturday, August 1, 2009 to CMT Insider for a full rundown of the event- and be on the look out for yours truly. (we were loving the camera a few times)

Images were also shot for a new video of Alan Jackson that will debut on Labor Day weekend.

Big Thanks to Katie Beth, who bravely took her camera out on the water. Photos courtesy KBS. Aerial photo via My Jewelry Box. I took my spiffy disposable waterproof camera out for the day... and when I took it to Wal-Mart to be developed... the lady told me that it would be Saturday before I could pick up my pictures. Why am I telling you this? I don't know... I guess if I get them back and have some great shots I will post them then.

Friday, July 24, 2009

ACE (not of Base)

I met a dog name Ace.
He rides a motorcycle in this case.
As odd as it sounds, it's true,
I saw him scoot right through.
He had just been to Home Depot,
Where he guarded the the bike,
while his owner ran in to pick up some type of pipe.
They stopped by Russell Crossroad and I begged for a pic,
Ace didn't mind so he posed real quick.
Then Ace rode off in all his glory,
and here I am sharing his story.

Aqua- pa-what??

This weekend in my part of the country we will be partying at Aquapalooza. What's that you may ask. Well, it's a weekend filled with events on Lake Martin that kicked off yesterday afternoon- and would you believe I was right there to help kick it off.

Last night one could enjoy live entertainment and a picnic on The Lawn at Russell Crossroads. I thought this was a great idea... lots of people, picnics, and a beautiful sunset. What more could a person ask for?

I get off work at 4:30 so I immediately headed on down to Russell Crossroads to enjoy the festivities. Would you believe when we got there, there were only two other people there?

(My parents and a family friend, Melinda)

It was cracking me up. The live entertainment started at 3:30... and in a small town, or any town for that matter, is a little early considering most people aren't off work until 4:30 or 5:00 on a Thursday afternoon. However, we didn't hesitate... we tossed out our quilts and sat on down to enjoy some good music by Jonathan Bloom of the Robin Hill Band.

Slowly but surely more people did arrive, as it neared sunset.

In case you wondering... Russell Crossroads is a new development on Lake Martin- when I say new, I mean it's a work in progress. It already has a fancy restaurant called, Springhouse, and a market/diner called, Catherine's Market, which is really neat. Russell Crossroads also has a Discovery Center, which is a museum about the Lake Martin area and an Adventure Center.

The Adventure Center caught my attention big time last night... and I was making plans for Ryan and myself without abandon. At the adventure center you can rent bikes, canoes, kayaks, and even horses. Trails have recently been made so that you can bike, or horseback down to the lake. I mean seriously, are you kidding me? I'm so ready to do any one of these activities.

But I digress.. back to the picnic- the kickoff to the big shabang, which is Aquapalooza! Today there will be a digital scavenger hunt on the lake, which I'm sad not be taking part in. A boat tour of one of the newer development of lake homes will be going on all day today. Finishing up with a concert at The Lake Martin Amphitheater tonight.

But the real fun, the fun that is bringing an estimated 15,000-20,000 people to Lake Marin, begins tomorrow! Alan Jackson- you may know him... he's kind of a big deal country crooner. Yeah him.... the one that sings that song about it being hotter than hoochie choochies on the Chattahoochee... YES- OK... now that you're with me... He will be playing tomorrow afternoon right here on Lake Martin. The concert is FREE but only accessible by boat. It's should be a "good time"!!

Don't stress out if you aren't able to make it out for the event... I am pretty good friends with Alan and should have a full report on Monday.

(this is either Alan and myself at an event or really bad photo shop of my head on his wife's body... I'll let you decide)

Have a Happy and Safe Weekend.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Family Member

We have a new member of my family. His name is Charlie B. He's a kitten. My Dad picked him up this past Monday. He has been a bit weary but he is coming around. He loves to play and enjoys being petted... oh he just PUURRRRSSS. He also has the prettiest blue eyes.

(he has a little cut on his nose- but I have been doctoring it with Neosporin so it's healing nicely)

So far Harley really likes him... and Charlie really doesn't like Harley. I am taking them both to the vet tomorrow- for Harley's yearly shots and check-up and for Charlie to get his first set of shots. I can't imagine how it's going to go. I may need someone to go with me to help. It could get weird.

I'm NO Charlie Brown

I am a WINNER! Can you believe it? I couldn't. Let me tell you all about it.

Different blogs are all the time doing different types of giveaways- and I am always entering the giveaways. Always thinking to myself... "I probably won't win, but you can't ever win if you don't try." So I always try.

Well, a few weeks ago a blog that I read daily, called I *Heart* You, (I'm subscribed to it in reader) announced that it was having a giveaway. So I eagerly clicked out of reader and left a comment and was entered to win. Now remember, this has been a few weeks ago, and to be honest I had just about forgotten about even entering the contest.

So yesterday I got an email that someone had commented on my blog... so I went to check it out assuming it was Lacey or maybe Katie Beth, however, to my SURPRISE it was a comment from the blog, I *Heart* You. I remembered immediately about entering the contest. The comment informed me that I (little ole me) had WON!!!! I was so excited I screamed out loud right here in my office. Co-Workers flocked in to check on me. I was all, It's fine. I'm just a winner!!! WHOO HOO!!

So what did I win?


A pair of Current/Elliot Jeans. Suggested Retail is only $242.00. I would NEVER buy them for myself so I am so thrilled to have won them. Celebrities of all kind wear them around Hollywood daily.

I will gladly rock my Current/Elliot Jeans in a way that would make Resse or Cameron proud.

Thank you, I *Heart* You, for the opportunity to win!! Go check out this blog- I posted a link over in the side bar.

pictures via I *Heart* You.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Latest Reads

Lately, I have been enjoying a series of books by author, Mary Kay Andrews. Ryan's mom was kind enough to send me several of her books. They have been thoroughly enjoyable to have on hand during these summer months when it's nice to have a good novel to enjoy by the pool.

Then first one I read was, Savannah Blues.

And the next one I enjoyed was, Hissy Fit.

These books are both set in the south- the first on in Savannah, Ga and the other in Madison, Ga. I have been both tickled and amused while reading these novels and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun read this summer.

Currently, I am reading a novel by an author I had never heard of--Jacqueline Sheehan-- called, Lost & Found. I hope that it is just as good as my latest reads. I started it today and have already teared up a little.

(don't tell anyone- but I may have judged this book by it's cover- and maybe that's why I originally picked it up)

Once I have completed Lost & Found, it's back to Mary Kay Andrew's novel. I will be reading Little Bitty Lies.

So those are my summer reads thus far. This summer has been all about "fluff novels" (to quote a friend). Anything light-hearted and fun- I have been totally into. But that's what summer is about- relaxing by a body of water with a good book in hand.

Hope you've read a few books that are just as fun!

Tuesday's With Harley: A Walk Together

*** This should have been posted yesterday-sorry. Forgive me and pretend it's Tuesday. Thanks***

In this edition of Tuesday's with Harley- we are going to take you along for our afternoon walk. I know... you are so excited. Where in the world could we go? What might we see? The questions, I would imagine, are endless. Well, they will be questions no more... I am about to give you the answers to all the question you could possibly have about our afternoon walks.

It starts out simple enough. We put on Harley's retractable leash and head out into the neighborhood. Harley loves our afternoons together!

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, would probably be overwhelmed by our "dog walking technique," as I mostly let Harley lead me wherever he wants to go. I show no authority by leading him- I'm just along for the ride. Cesar would tell me to "walk the dog... show him who is boss. You are the Alpha." But the way I look at- Harley's having fun so I just follow him.

(I'm not even going to tell you what he did to that tree- I'm too much of a lady talk about that in mixed company)

Harley and I enjoy the beautiful scenery as we walk. Always taking time to admire the flowers.

At last, we reach our little afternoon destination. A pond- down the street from our house. We watch the ducks swimming and listen to the crickets chirp. It's peaceful and we like it.

On this trip we spotted a bird- a Blue Herring, I believe. We snap a picture and decide to go over and chase it away. But oh no.... it's no Blue Herring... it's a mere statue. We we're fooled. [fist pumping the air]

After all the excitement we head back to the house. So fun, huh? This actually Harley's favorite part.... he gets in a BIG TIME hurry....

(look at those ears flying back)

Because he knows once we get inside he gets a....


Whew...You can now rest easy because you finally know exactly what Harley and I do on our afternoon walks. Isn't it so fun!

Monday, July 13, 2009


This is Layla. She is a shelter puppy, and was recently adopted by our friend Richard and his girlfriend, Heather. Layla is half hound dog and half lab. She was among a litter of several pups and she wasn't adopted so the family had to take her to the pound. Fortunately, for Layla she found a good home.

Many dogs aren't so lucky, which makes me so sad. I am a huge dog person... I think all families should have a dog. No kidding. As a child, if I were overwhelmed or upset... I could always count on my dog hear me out.

We had a little Scottish Terrier/Cocker Spaniel puppy named Willy. We got him as a surprise one Friday night and my brother and I happened to be watching the movie Free Willy, hence the name (plus he was black and white). Willy did everything we did. He was always up for whatever I decided to put him through. I even have pictures of me and deidra pushing him around in a baby stroller. He went missing for a few days and as it turned out he had been run over. I was heart broken. I had lost my best friend. I cried and cried. I even cried at school when a friend asked me about it. I was in the third grade.

After, Willy, came sweet and loving, Honey. She was a Golden Retriever/Lab mix. She looked more like a yellow lab though. She reminded me so much of Marley from the book, Marley and Me. Typical Lab. We have a hill in the front yard at our house that became Honey's favorite place to display random objects she picked up from different neighbors. We had boots, blankets, tools, toys... you name it, she found it and brought it home.

My brother and I rode the bus home after school each day and without question Honey would be faithfully waiting at the bus stop eager to greet us. If my brother and I hopped on our bikes, Honey was hot on our trail. She was with us each step of the way. If we decided to stop in at one of the neighborhood kid's house for a glass of water, Honey faithfully sat on the front porch and waited. My mom says that's how she used to find us in the neighborhood- she would walk down the street until she found Honey and that's where we would be.

Honey was killed {I won't say how because it was very unfortunate} but she was one of the best dogs ever.

I think that a childhood is enhanced by having and enjoying a pet. I know that mine was. Kids need that- helps teach them responsibility and all that jazz, and most importantly a dog can very easily become one of their best friends. Dogs love unconditionally and sometimes kids and parents alike need that.

My current dog, Harley, is ranked right up there with Willy and Honey. I couldn't love a dog more and neither could my family.

I recently came across a blog about two sister traveling 2400 miles, in a van to New Hampshire, to save 33 shelter puppies. From their blog, they explain:

"Because of the strict spay and neuter laws in New Hampshire most of their shelters actually have a shortage of adoptable dogs. What a great problem to have! So, volunteers drive 19-23 hours with 33 dogs in a van from the overcrowded Shelby County Humane Society here in Alabama to a partner shelter in New Hampshire. From what we have learned, all the dogs are typically adopted within a matter of days!"

I love this idea. I would love to one day have the opportunity to participate in this program. Not only would I have the opportunity to travel with a great friend, family member, or even Ryan for a weekend, but I would also have the privilege of knowing that several dogs were saved and some child's life made better by being able to bring home their very own "Honey" or a "Willy."

To read more about the program, Shelter Partner's, visit To read the blog about the two sister who completed the journey visit,
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