Thursday, August 15, 2013

Summer is Almost Over

Hey, Hey, Hey! It's been so long since I've blogged that I'm pretty sure the only people still even checking in are my mom and Susie! Hi Mom. Hi Susie. Maybe Lu!

I suppose I took the summer off. I changed jobs which obviously requires adjustment (and has an IT Dept that monitors my computer stuff so blogging has to happen at home instead of while at work. ha.).    

Socially we've been super busy trying to get our new Lake Martin Young Professional group up and going. It has been so much fun seeing the young people want to breathe new life into our hometown. AC for LIFE!! Move to Alexander City, we've are making things happen!

So as a catch up...

We celebrated Memorial Day hard. Real hard. It took me roughly a week to come back from it. When  I recall the dance moves I busted out a party that weekend I cringe in embarrassment. Handful, for sure. But it was probably the best MD thus far and that's saying a lot.

Ryan and I have had several fun night at Chuck's Marina eating pizza, having a few drinks and listening to live music. Love it. Love him. Love summer nights. 

We've had a few fun weekends with the girls, but honestly not near enough. I love my friends and the more time with the them the better!

My sweet friend, Katie Beth had her baby. Gray instantly stole our hearts. She has made being a new mom look so easy and effortless that it truly gives me hope! 

Couldn't you just eat him up? He was literally a week old in the above picture. 

Fourth of July came and went in the form a four day rainy weekend. We spent one rainy day on Lake Martin and the two rainy days on Lake Wedowee. There was lots of food and lots of card games. 

Gray even parties with us! 

Ryan and I don't get to hang with his hometown crowd near as often as we'd like so it was great to spend a few days with these fun girls over the fourth. 

I convinced my Dad into making me a farmhouse table out of reclaimed wood from our farm. It turned out so pretty. Dad really nailed it!!

Please note the hydrangeas on my table. They are from the bush I planted this year. I love them! 

Maggie and I made our debut as Chaquita (me) and a banana (Maggie) in this year's inaugural Sun Fest!   We didn't win-- didn't even place actually. We both feel robbed. We may be down, but not out. We'll get them next year. 

I've run a few 5Ks... 

...which resulted in an injury to my foot. Ouch. 

Nothing was broke. Just tendonitis. I'm currently on the mend. 

It's been a busy summer. I'm leaving out three weddings, book club meetings, and who knows what else. I am not promising anything but I'm going to try to do better staying on top of my blogging. 

Ryan and I are working hard and playing harder.... and loving every minute of it. 

**I embedded these photos from my Instagram (feel free to follow me) and for some reason it include my user name. I don't have time to redo... so please disregard.**

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