Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Couple of Tunes for Your Listening Pleasure

I came across these tunes, by a couple of our good friends, today and was really feeling them. Our good friend DJ (Daniel Jackson) has a great voice and love for music... (he's hooking the wedding ceremony up in a few months). When I came across the two songs I knew I should share them.

The first song is DJ with our other good friend Richard Brand (richard also has a passion for music):
Rain Acoustic by djacks50
"Rain Acoustic" Written by: Richard Brand  Recorded by: Daniel Jackson & Richard Brand

I'm really feeling the vibe...
The second song is just DJ:
Make It Right by djacks50
"Make it Right" Written by: Daniel Jackson  Recorded by: Daniel Jackson

Please let me know if you own a major recording studio and need their contact info for a huge record deal...

DJ/Richard- should something big come from me featuring you on Stage Fright Jitters, I expect a small cut. Thanks.

Post Secret

I first learned about Post Secret when I was in Las Vegas with a good friend. We were browsing around the gift shop of the Las Vegas Hard Rock when we stumbled upon it. Post Secret is a book of people's secrets. People mail their secrets anonymously on a post card to an address in Germantown, MD.

I recently learned that Post Secret has a blog and I have enjoyed reading the secrets that people have sent in. It make one wonder... Did a person survive this? Did he or she find love? Did their marriage survive? Did their friendship continue? What kind of person would do that? Did thier parent ever know? -- These secrets conjur up so many thoughts.

Everything from light-hearted secrets to deeply distrubing secrets are shared...

(all images via)

If you have the chance click here to read a few more secrets. Very interesting.

Monday, February 15, 2010

What Snow Means in the Deep South...

Here's a fun fact for you: This past Friday (Feb. 12) 49 of the 50 US States had snow on the ground in some part of the state. Hawaii was the let down state... Damn you, Hawaii! Ok... now on to the what snow means in the deep south (and a few survival tips):

(Can we say free advertising for a certain business? I'm always looking out for the team.)

1. As soon as the weatherman predicts there might be a chance of snow, one must run to the local grocery store and purchase the following items: bread, milk, and canned goods. You will not make it through the snow storm (by snow storm I mean 2-4 inches) without the above referenced items.

2. One must close shop/business at first sign of a snowflake.

I tend to favor this rule, as I had a snow day this past friday. No, the roads weren't icy (YET) and No, I didn't go home to get out of the snow. I actually proceeded to step three…

3. Call up a good friend and request a lunch date at one of your favorite local haunts. Lunch must consist of bloody marys and idle chit chat- while peeking out the window every so often to ensure that it is, in fact, still snowing.

4. One must wear headgear of any kind on a snow day... see picture above. It is vital to survival

5. One must document the snow day by taking pictures. Many, many random pictures. Pictures of the random snow covered tree in the front yard, the random snow covered tree in the middle of town, and even an 'artsy' picture of a snow covered pine tree. We will need record of the Snow Storm of 2010. To ensure public documentation of the snow day one should post pictures to facebook

6. Cancel all plans. After dark one should not be on the roadways. It could be icy or worse (I'm not sure what "worse" could possibly entail...)

7. After surviving the snow storm take the dog out you've been babysitting and let her enjoy the snow. Just because...



Thursday, February 4, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner (as in this Sunday). I love the super bowl because it marks the end of football for several months, which in turn makes Ryan feel sad and lost that football will be over for several months.

However, this super bowl is a big deal. Why? Well, because it's The Colts vs. The Saints.

This is huge! As I have mentioned several times... Ryan has a "man crush" on Peyton Manning. He's a huge fan... Ryan goes on and on about what a great guy Peyton is, what a great athelete he is, how smart he is...

...which makes perfect sense because he and Peyton go way back.
(this picture was in no way altered. ha.)

So, undoubtedly, we will be pulling big time for the Colts to come out on top this Sunday!!

We will probably have a few folks over, enjoy some finger foods, and have a few cocktails. Let see if Peyton can live up to Ryan's expectations...


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My TV Guide for you. (you're welcome)

I enjoy having a good television show or two to look forward to when I finally make it home each night. After a long day at work, then hitting the gym, it's nice to be able to relax and enjoy a good TV show.

Now, I'm sure some of you won't agree with my TV preferences... and that's fine. Ryan practically cringes at the shows I love. (but I cringe when ESPN is considered great TV- so it's fine).

In no particular order I enjoy the following series....

1.The Bachelor- On the Wings of Love - airs Monday nights on ABC

Jake is probably my least favorite bachelor, to date. He is very emotional. Now, I'm not saying boys can't cry, but come on... he cries every episode. Although I don't love Jake, I'm still sucked in. I think Gia is the prettiest, I don't understand what he sees in Vienna, I like Ali the best, and Tenley is the sweetest thing ever. I predict Vienna will win the whole thing, but they won't get married, and ultimately the entire realtionship will end badly on the cover of US Weekly... I'm just sayin.

2. White Collar - airs Tuesday nights on USA

Ryan and I have been hooked on this show from day one. It's a show that Ryan and I equally enjoy. It's about a "white collar' criminal who has agreed to help the FBI's white collar division solve cases instead of spending the time behind bars. I have a huge crush on the character Neil Caffrey.

He's hot, but other than that the show is actually very good. I'm not sure how easy it would be to just pick up in the middle of the season... So I would advise setting your DVR/ Tivo to record a marathon (sometimes USA will play several episodes during a weekend).

3. Keeping up with the Kardashians Sunday nights on E!

I realize that this show could be ranked right up there with The Jersey Shore, but I love it. Kourtney is my favorite sister. It's just a fun show to watch (even though, I realize, the time that I spend watching it I will never get back).

4. Castle -airs on Monday nights at 10/9central on ABC

I have found that most people haven't even heard of Castle, and that's a shame because it's rather entertaining. It's a show about an author turned homicide investigator- very realistic... I enjoy a good mystery or crime show that isn't super gruesome.. and this fits the bill.

In years past, my TV guide would have included: Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives, and Brothers and Sisters; however, they have fallen by the wayside. Grey's lost me when Izzy spent an entire episode attempting to save a deer. Yes, you read that correctly, a freaking deer. Crossed the line- took it too far- and that was it! The other shows just lost me. So I have cut them from the TV line up as well.

Hopefully, my TV Guide has inspired you to set your DVR. If not- no biggie because I will continue to tune in. Let me know if there is a show I need to be adding to list...

Monday, February 1, 2010

A Wedding Update

Oh... I had no idea you wanted to be updated on my wedding planning.

I will start by saying that some days I feel like I have two full time jobs... One that pays me to help lead people in a better direction in life and one that doesn't pay at all and requires me to plan a wedding.

Who knew how much went in to planning a wedding? You have to decide where to get married, where to have the reception, choose a dress, choose a bridesmaids dress, a flower girl dress, flowers, napkins, invitations, save the dates, music, band, food, pictures..... oh the list goes on and on. However for the most part it's a lot of fun!

So far we have accomplished all the big-ticket items. We know that we're getting married at the First Baptist Church in Alexander City (it's just so pretty) and our reception will be at Five Star Plantation. I have designed a cake to die for... I love it. The save the dates have been mailed out...

Now it's just a lot of detailed planning. Like who should sing? Should more than one person sing? What should they sing? Do we light a unity candle or not? Who rings the bell before I come in? Who should we ask to cut the cake? Should we pay someone to address the invitations?

I'm not the kind of person that worries too much about the details. I have a "just get it done, whatever" kind of approach. Not Type A at all.... but that's for me to worry about not you.

While I figure out all the details of this shindig you can venture over to our wedding website by clicking here. It's a work in progress, but you can meet our wedding party, find out where I've registered so far, and even obtain directions to each event location.

I will be updating the website as I register at more places... hopefully I can work that out this weekend.

An Obsession

As you may know I love the HBO series TrueBlood (as documented here). It's so risqué and always leaves you hanging- wanting more. I purchased season one on a whim one night and Ryan and I were instantly hooked... we watched episodes back to back for a week, until we had finished the entire season.

For Christmas I wanted to get Ryan season 2 for his stocking stuffer, however, HBO hasn't released the second season on DVD. So that didn't work out. Little did I know Ryan also looked into getting me Season 2 for my stocking stuffer, but to no avail.

However, Ryan out smarted HBO, as he went straight to the source.
You see, somewhere along the way I told Ryan that HBO had based the show on a series of books written by Charlaine Harris.

The series of books is called, The Sookie Stackhouse series. It consists of 10 books. The first book just happens to coincide with season 1 of the HBO show and the second book... well, it coincides with season two. 

Sure, there are some difference in books and the HBO show. The show tends to make things a bit more gruesome, but all the characters are the same. And let me just say this... the characters were cast so well for the show because they are exactly what one invisions while reading the books.

Ryan has finished the first 7 books in the series and I am working on the seventh. We have really enjoyed them! HBO has the potential to takes the show a long way. The further it goes the better it gets...

Not to spoil anyone's anticipation for the season three, but I will just toss this out there... Werewolves.
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