Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My take on a book to movie.  I went to see "Eat, Pray, Love" last night with a group of friends, and....

...I actually enjoyed the movie more so than the book. Don't get me wrong. The book was good... I loved the "EAT" section, struggled through the "PRAY" section, and enjoyed the "LOVE" section. Basically, I simply could not get into the "pray" section because it was a lot of talk about chanting, and Sanskrit and the author (liz) trying to explain what it all meant and how one learned to meditate. I wasn't feeling it.

Long story short... I really enjoyed the movie!

On a side note, I loved that Phillipe was played by Javier Bardem. I'm not exactly sure I ever had a vision of what I thought Phillipe would look like, but I was really feeling Javier Bardem in the role.

If you're looking for a good (hate to say it, but...) chick flick please do go check it out!

I officially want to go to Rome, like, tomorrow.

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