Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Hair Affair

I love finding different ideas online to try at home.

Reading blogs and searching Pintrest often lead me down a path of being super inspired and ready to charge ahead to try some type of DIY or latest fashion trend.

Whether it's the latest trend in nail polish, attempting to make a man's shirt into a dress, or even making a few bracelets I love to at least give it a go.

Well, that's what happened yesterday.  I enjoy reading the blog called, Love Maegan. She mostly does posts regarding fashion and often post tutorials on how to achieve different types of hair and fashion looks.

Last night I was catching up on her blog, as I hadn't checked it out in quite some time when I came across this tutorial on how to achieve great curls without using heat. To me this read, how to achieve a decent hair-do that is simply washed and slept on. I love any excuse to sleep a bit later so I had to give it a try!

Pic Via Love Maegan
After taking a shower last night I let my hair air dry for a bit and then I pinned it up all over my head like this:

I then went into the living room to tell Ryan goodnight and he looked at me like this:

Slow your roll, girl.

I explained to him that I was trying out an idea I found online and that it would be beautiful tomorrow. He was highly skeptical but kissed me good night and sent me on my way.

I woke up this morning and all but one little twist made it through the night. It was my morning to walk Maggie and I made sure to put a hooded jacket on so that I could cover up my crazy head.

After removing the pins and allowing the twists to fall loosely around my head I felt like I probably looked a lot like Felicia from the movie, Friday:

For a moment I thought I might be rocking a ponytail to the office today. However, I stayed the course.

After running my fingers through it a few times it looked like this:

Still a bit frightened I applied a little bit of product to tone down the curls, as I was on the fast track to rocking 1980's big hair to the work place. Not exactly what I was shooting for.

After allowing the product to sit for a moment it toned down and I simply pinned it back and headed to work. Not too much fuss and pretty decent hair.

Here's the final look:

My hair doesn't look much different than it does every other day, but it was a lot less work. I did have to use a little bit of heat, as I busted out the curling iron to take back control of the front portion of my hair.

My hair is naturally curly so that may be the only reason it worked as well as it did. I would really love for one of my friends who doesn't have naturally curly hair to give this a try to see how well it would work for them. Maybe Lacey?

DIY via Pintrest

My friend Katie Beth did a post recently on creating DIY friendship bracelets. I read the post and thought to myself, "SHE BEAT ME TO IT!!"

That's what I get for procrastinating. You see, I purchased most of the supplies to make several of the 'do it yourself' friendship bracelets I had seen on Pintrest several months ago.

 The supplies sat in the Hobby Lobby bag in our office for quite some time. After seeing how great Katie Beth's bracelets turned out I knew I had to get started. She had inspired me.

So on Saturday afternoon, Deidra, Ashton, and I got to work.

The only supplies we needed to purchase were the colored twine and brass hex nuts. The guy helping us in Home Depot was quite confused, however, after showing him a few pictures he was loving it. He thought the idea was great and I think he even thought about commissioning one for his wife or lover. He did not voice his idea aloud. I just had a feeling.

With supplies in hand we headed back to our house and set up shop on the front porch. We turned the radio on and went to town.

Upon first beginning the project, we were going to make lots of bracelets and sell them for a much lower price, as KB outlined these bracelets are selling for ridiculous amounts.

Our hypothetical price was one for $15 or two for $25 when we began. However, the job proved to be a bit more tedious than we had imagined and after a few hours of braiding, looping, and tying we increased our price dramatically and Ashton even opted to bail out of the newly established hypothetical business.

After making the first three with natural colored twine we deided take those apart and recreate them using orange twine so that they could be "gameday" friendship bracelets.

The orange isn't quite so bright in person.

In the end we each ended up with an orange hex-nut bracelet and an orange ball-chain bracelet.

Please let me know if you would like to commission a bracelet for yourself or loved one, the price will be somewhere around $57.00. I think I'm going to price them like a car mechanic would-- parts aren't too expensive, but it's the labor you're paying for.

Monday, September 26, 2011


Over the weekend...

Friday afternoon the weather was just perfect. I found myself longing to be outside. So that's just what I did--I grabbed the book I'm reading and Maggie and we curled up on the front porch swing while waiting for Ryan to get home.
"What are you reading?"

"I don't really care what you're reading. I think I see something in the distance."

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Definitely think I see a cat."

So maybe when I say "curled up" I actually mean... I sat on the swing and read my book and Maggie was all over the place.

Saturday morning I picked up my grandmother and we headed to an Estate Sale. The Estate Sale was a total bust. I'm on the look out for a china cabinet that I could refinish, and they did have one... but for $1200. I don't think so. I could buy a brand new china cabinet for that price.

So my grandmother and I left empty handed (well, she got a hand mixer) and we headed to the next stop...

Armed with a newspaper in hand we hit up a few more yard sales.

Unfortunately we didn't find any great deals.

The next stop on our morning outing was at my cousin, Lane's, Thirty-One Gifts Party. I hooked myself up with this great bag:

I think it will be a perfect carry-on! Thinking ahead...

Saturday afternoon, Ryan headed to The Fish Camp to hang with the guys and watch football and I met up with Deidra and her sister Ashton to hit a few antique stores and even The Home Depot.

I'm thinking of painting our office... We shall see.
We did a little DIY Project... just saying. I will post more on it later.

The weather was nice it made for the perfect weekend to spend as much time as possible outside.

However, as much time as we spent out and about we probably spent an equal amount of time doing this right here:

Ahhhhh, so nice.

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Things I'm Loving This Week

In honor of it being Friday I decided I would post about a few things I'm loving this week.

1. OPI's Chopsitcking to my Style.

I'm not quite ready to go super dark with my nail color so this has been the perfect transition into FALL. Plus it doesn't hurt that it's basically orange and works well with my gameday attire each weekend. WDE.


Holla for a dollar if you've been tuning into the new seasons and fall premiers!! I've really been making the DVR work for me this week, as I am trying to decided which shows will make the cut.

New Girl made me laugh out loud in a few parts... and at times the main character kind of got on my nerves. Verdict is still out on this one.

Vampire Dairies is on lock. I love it right along with all the other teeny boppers out there.

REVEN8E was really good. The first episode had lots of twist and turns and as of right now I'm all in.

I have really high hopes for Pam Am as well as Hart of Dixie which premier on Sunday and Monday.

Rachel Bilson is looking so pretty.

3. These free pumpkin stencils from Better Homes & Garden.

They have lots of different designs, but the different dog breed stencils have me ready to bust out my carving knife.

4. And lastly, as usual I'm totally loving my main girl dog, Maggs.

Tomorrow I'm hitting up an Estate Sale (fingers crossed we get some steals), a Thirty-One Party, and cheering on the Tigers. Hope you have a great weekend too!

Monday, September 19, 2011

O.T.W.-- Fall is Easing On In

Over the weekend...

...We invited folks over to our house to watch the Auburn vs. Clemson game. I made some tailgate foods and we cheered for the Tigers.

Just the girls.

Champ, Kyle and Ryan watching the game.
"We're number 1"
Mack and Kyle taking it easy on the front porch during half time.
Deidra and I found fun Auburn cups for our cocktails.

After the tough loss to Clemson we all loaded up and headed to The Fish Camp to continue watching football and to grill out.
The weather was perfect to spend the evening outside.

Ryan + Jessica 4 Life

You may remember my post regarding the Fish Camp. It's literally a tiny cabin by a pond out in a pasture. It makes for the perfect place to hang out outside to watch football and hang by a campfire. The guys toss horseshoes and grill while the ladies chat about various topics and make s'mores.

It had been a long day so I can assure you it got a bit random.

There is no telling what Ryan is carrying on about in this picture.
In the South football talk can get a bit heated... even if you pull for the same team.

The ladies made S'mores for everyone to wrap up the evening. They were oh so good.

Sunday was spent laying around and taking it easy. Pretty much a typical Fall weekend around our neck of the woods.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sweet Maggie

Let's hear it for THURSDAY!!

Here's a quick picture of our sweet Maggie on our afternoon walk yesterday:

She is the sweetest thing, but I promise you she glanced back long enough for me to snap this picture before we were off chasing a squirrel or bird. When we're outside she is all over the place. She loves it.
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