Friday, May 17, 2013

Last Weekend to be Silly before becoming Mrs. Lilly

My sweet sister in law's bachelorette trip was a couple of  weekends ago. As I explained in a previous post it was my third trip to the beach in a month's time.With no vacation days as of yet on the new job it meant leaving Friday after work and being home by Sunday. I wish I could have had more time at all three of them, but alas it makes no good use of anyone's time to complain about it.

Deidra and I posing on our 3rd beach trip in a month's time. 

As Ali's Matron of Honor I felt it was my duty to bring some fun to the table. I was going as the "oldest" girl in the group after all.

I had cover-ups monogrammed for everyone and had cups made for our weekend. Every girl got a special package filled with their cover-up, a float (courtesy of Deidra), a pair of sunglasses, candy, snacks, and their own cup!

Ali is the sweetest Sister-in-Law and I wanted to make sure her weekend was perfect... because DANG IT she deserves it.

We feasted, hit the beach for a bit, sunbathed pool side, sipped cocktails, and made her model her lingerie for us. She will be looking sexy on that honeymoon!

The first night we all rocked animal print which was so cute!

The second night we did the black and white thing. Always easy and fun. I didn't get to stay for the last night but had a blast the two nights I was able to celebrate with all of these sweet girls.

Ali, Deidra and I were three deep in our king size bed and I snuggled Ali real hard. (Her legs were so smooth - I have since invested in her lotion) Even if we hadn't been sharing a bed I would have snuggled that girl because I love her!

What a great weekend it was! Count down to wedding starts now. GO!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Three Years Today

Today marks three entire years of being married to my best friend and love! 

We've been together for six years and married for three of those years. It's a crazy thing that love. It's hard to imagine loving someone even more as time goes by... but I do. Ryan is my partner in crime, he makes me laugh, he he keeps me clam, he grounds me, he makes me a better person. And I hope I do the same for him.

I always said my one day husband would dance with me... 

Would laugh with me....

I never said my one day husband would slip-n-slide with me down a freezing cold muddy slip-n-slide, but I love Ryan even more because he did.

I got everything I even dreamed of and then some.

Ryan is a go-teamer and is pretty much game (with some convincing) to do anything to make me happy. He is even willing to dress up in whatever crazy costume I come up with for parties...

Bad guys from Home Alone for a Christmas Party

Here's to many, many more fun-filled, laughter filled, love filled years to come!!  I am so blessed he is mine.

Friday, May 3, 2013

My blog suffers due to the life that has become me.

I suppose my blog takes it on the chin when life gets busy. And I've been busy....I've had two bachelorette parties at this point at the beach, hosted one couple's shower, helping host a monogramms and mimosas shower, ran a 5K in my fastest time yet and I am leaving for the beach for one last bach party of the season. Let's not even delve into what my work life has me busy doing.

Alas, as they say I am young and can handle it... Let's recap shall we?

Kristen's Bachelorette Party was in Gulf Shores, AL. 

It was a windy but beautiful weekend. Deidra and I went for a walk and ended up having a photo session on the jetties. What started out as an innocent side-by-side shot turned in to an all out posed photo session, as directed by two sweet older ladies.

Dinner at Big Fish with the bride to be!

Finish on the 50 5K

I ran my fastest time yet. Although not necessarily very fast in terms of true "runners" but I crossed the finish line in 34:32 with an average pace of 11:07 minutes per mile. No speed demon but had fun nonetheless!

Lacey ran the 10K and came in 5th in her age group!! Go girl, GO!

 I did manage to beat Aubie... so I will take that! 

Ali and Jackson's Couple's Shower

Several wonderful people joined in as we hosted Ali and Jackson's couple's shower. We did a gift card shower since they are moving out to Dever after the wedding we thought it would be easiest to have some gift cards to use out there to get them started!! 

It was so fun. Love Ali and Jackson!

 I also love my man, which did I mention, got a new job!!
So proud of him. 

And lastly, remember the Mud Run I told you about.... we'll I finally got the waterproof throw-away camera developed and here is proof that we did indeed do a mud run!

Right after this picture was taken, I hit a deep spot and went to my chest deep in 35 degree water. I was then numb.

And here we are at the finish line. Pretty gross and tired. So much fun though!

Whew. Now I'm off to Destin for Ali's bachelorette weekend. Enjoy your weekend!

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