Friday, January 29, 2010


Ryan and I booked our honeymoon!!!

Isn’t that why people get married? So they can head to a tropical destination for a week?

After much debate and looking at many different resorts ranging from St. Thomas to Costa Rica (and lots of places in between) and we have decided that we will be venturing to Negril.

I can’t wait. I plan on reading several books, I’m going to lie on the beach, enjoy drinks with umbrellas, and I’m going to venture to the spa one day…

For a little bit more of an adventure we might snorkel or even check out Dunn's River falls...

To say I am so ready... is an understatement!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

"A Good for Nothing..."

Yesterday as I was reading our local newspaper, I came across an unusual obituary. Normally I don't even glace over that section of the paper, however, one of my coworkers mentioned that I should take a gander...

Here's what it read: (read it entirely)

Charles Joseph Lasusky Danusky Lozowski Logan, Alexander City

A memorial service for Mr. Charles Joseph Logan, age 89.525, of Alexander City, Alabama, will be Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 10:00 am at the Chapel of Bill Nichols State Veterans Home.

Mr. Logan passed away on Sunday, January 17, 2010 at Bill Nichols State Veterans Home. He was born August 10, 1920 in Mt. Carmel, Pennsylvania to Edward Lasusky and Mary Danusky Lasusky. Orphaned at 9 months, he was raised by aunts, and his actual surname was always a mystery. He was a United States Navy yeoman during WWII, enlisting on December 8, 1941, and served chiefly in North Africa and Italy. A graduate of Villanova, he loved watching the Wildcats basketball team. The family name was changed from Lozowski to Logan in 1956, due to the suggestion of his employer, who felt that Logan was an easier name for customers in sales to remember! He worked as an accountant for Marek Bros in Houston, Texas for many years, where the Oilers and the Astros were awful, so he remained a Phillies fan.

He met his first wife, Bertille Elizabeth Schilp, a gregarious knockout and wonderful woman from St Louis, in Libya during World War II, while she was a WAC, and they married after the war. They had 3 children, and lived in several states and Prince Edward Island, Canada, during their 22 year union. He later married Nancy Roth Lent Petersen of Santa Ana, California, a sophisticated and affectionate beauty, and another wonderful woman, and they were very happy for several years, living with her 3 children and his son. He met his last wife, Charlotte Childress, of Birmingham, yet another elegant beauty and wonderful woman, and a trained classical singer, in Los Gatos, California, and were joyously happy for 25 years until her passing .

He was intelligent, charming to the ladies, and possessed a good sense of humor until the very end. He was very proud of being a Polack.

He is survived by daughters, Sister Mary Jo Logan, a teacher, degreed in special education and Claire Ann Logan, an artist, both of Montgomery, Alabama and his son, William Edward Christopher Logan, a good for nothing Lithuanian, of San Francisco, California.

After reading an obituary of that caliber one wonders who could have written it? Did the 89.525 year old, Mr. Logan write his own obituary in his old age while reminiscing about old flames? Did the nun, Sister Mary Jo Logan, write it and toss in that last part about her "good for nothing Luthuanian" brother?

One of my coworkers emailed the local paper to find out exactly who was responsible for writting this obituary. Come to find out "the good for nothing Luthuanian son" from San Francisco wrote it. Who would have thought?

It has sparked such interest in the community that the local paper will be doing a follow-up story on the family. I can only imagine this Mr. Charles Joseph Lasusky Danusky Lozowski Logan (what a crazy name) was quite the character. He obviouly lived an exciting life filled with beautiful ladies and charismatic children.

I'm eager to read the follow up story... and I'll be sure to post it for you all too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Guilty Pleasure

I'm sure this is going to overwhelm some of you, and that's okay with me. I have a guilty pleasure and it's somewhat embarrassing. I'll just go ahead and say it...

I love watching MTV's The Jersey Shore. There I said it... it's out there. This show is like a train wreck- you just can't look away.

It's the most random/absurd thing ever. I think the people on the show are being genuine but then I find myself thinking... there is no way people actually act like this!

Maybe it's because I'm from the South, but I've never "battled" anyone on the dance floor while jamming to "house music". I don't fist pump and I think it's gross for guys to gel their hair or look like a guido. However, on this show all of those things make you the cool kid. It blows my mind!

Oh and the tanner you are the better!

The girls are just as wild... from JWOW to Snookie,  it's apparent that tanning and wearing the tightest, shortest clothing possible make you a real stand out chick.

It's like the Jersey Shore has it's own culture... it's own lingo even. It's a place where telling someone "they don't even really look Italian" is considered an insult. (Lord knows I would never fit in) I want to visit for a few weeks and immerse myself in this culture to find out if The Jersey Shore is depicting a true account of the Jersey Shore.

Before I go to Jersey for my investigation I realize, according the show, that I will need a nickname. However, I didn't know how to go about deciding on a nickname until I came across this nifty little tool. It generates a Jersey Shore nickname for you. According to the generator... my nickname should be "The Rack"... two fist pumps for that! Ryan's nickname should be "Juice Spingsteen"-fist pump.

So to get ready! G.T.L, baby... gym, tanning, and laundry- duh. Always got to look your best when you're about to "creep"!

(If you have not seen an episode of this show... then this made no sense to you. I realize that.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm famous (again)... sorta, kinda

Remember this post about me taking the day off work to drive to Atlanta to meet The Pioneer Woman. Well, Lacey and I eagerly checked her blog on a daily basis after our meet and greet with her because we just knew that she would put a picture of us on her blog.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar, in the "blog world" The Pioneer Woman is a huge deal... to put it into perspective her blog beat out Perez Hilton's blog last year for most read blog. What I'm trying to say is... her blog is big time.

After several weeks and no sign of a blog post about her trip to Atlanta Lacey and I decided we that the Pioneer Woman must not care enough to write an entire post about Atlanta. We let our dream die.

Well, a few days after New Year's Lacey called to inform me that Pioneer Woman had written about her Atlanta visit and WE WERE ON THE BLOG. I know this isn't huge to some of you, but in my world it's yet another famous moment. (you may also reall this famous time in my life)

Check out the picture that made the pioneer woman's blog.

Click here for the full recap of Pdub's visit in Atlanta.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Just call me Gene Shallot

Or better yet, don't call me Gene Shallot... just know that I am about to review a few movies.

Over my holiday vacation I really took advantage of my free time. I worked out, I napped, I read, I ate sushi, and above all I went to the movies- not once but three different times. I realize that this might be a bit excessive, but it was my vacation.

The first movie I went to see was Sherlock Holmes. Ryan and I had been anticipating the opening of this movie for a several weeks.

Guy Richie films tend to be entertaining- I'm mean have you seen Snatch? The previews in the weeks leading up to the release looked as though the movie wouldn't disappoint. So on my birthday Ryan and I decided to check it out.

At one point I began to think that it was a bit far fetched, but it came together in the end. Loved Robert Downy, Jr. and Rachel McAdams. Normally, I would say I loved Jude Law (hello- who has seen The Holiday), but in this film he gets a bit lost. I give this movie 4 stars. Ryan and I both thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon at the theater.

Later that same night my mom called to inquire if Ryan and I would like to join she and my dad the following evening for dinner and a movie. To which we gladly accepted. I love to eat and I love to watch a good movie... perfect set-up if you ask me.

So the next night we went to the theater to see the much talked about AVATAR in 3D.

I didn't know what to expect going in to this one. It was an interesting experience to say the least. The 3D aspect of the movie was sort of cool... but three hours of that got a bit old. Overall, this movie was okay- maybe worthy of 3 stars (in my opinion).

However, I really liked the main character.

(I blurred out the others so you would know exactly which one I was talking about).

He played this character....

(the one looking at us- kind of crazy looking, huh? How did someone come up with all this stuff?)

Now, I haven't seen this actor any other movies, but he narrates the story and his voice was so nice. Is that weird? He had a real raspy voice (or at least in the film he did) and I thought it was sexy... so bonus points to Avatar for that!

Overall, AVATAR was a unique experience. Very, ummm, creative...

The third and last movie I saw over the holiday was It's Complicated, which is about a divorced couple who rekindle their romance and begin an affair. To say the least it becomes quite complicated.

What a movie! I loved it. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT! Laugh out loud funny.

Alec Baldwin makes this movie what it is. Just look at him. He's so funny. Please go see this movie...

I hope this little movie review helps you in deciding what film you would like to see next!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fashion Do or Don't?

I hopped on the printed leggings bandwagon for our New Year's Eve Celebration.

It made me feel very catlike... I think at one point I may have creeped around on my tip toes while purring, as I felt like a real leopard...

So what do you think? Is it a fashion do or don't?

The Holidays- Part 2

For Ryan and I to be so different in so many ways, we do have some common ground. An example of something we share is he and I were both born right after Christmas. Now, if you are not someone who has a birthday right after Christmas then you do not know what that means.

Allow me to explain... Birthday gifts should never be wrapped in Christmas paper. Would I give you a birthday gift wrapped in Easter paper if your birthday landed in the same month as Easter? No. I wouldn't. Another thing that makes a birthday after Christmas a little tough is that you can pretty much bet that a good portion of your friends haven't gotten back into town from Christmas holiday or they have already left town for New Year's.

Now, I must say that my friends tend to make a great effort in celebrating my birthday. Never a huge crowd, but I embrace it all the same.

So my birthday is on December 27, which fell on a Sunday this year. Making the best of the situation we decided to celebrate on the Saturday night before. The restaurant I wanted to eat at was closed... still on holiday if you can believe that. Didn't they know it was my birthday??? So we took it on over to a new mexican restaurant here in town for a few margaritas.

After dinner the folks who weren't too tired from all the holiday festivities (huh uhh) came back over to Ryan's for a mean game of Taboo.

[side note here: Taboo is so fun. I love it. You should go out and purchase this game right now]

Ryan's birthday is December 30... he tends to lose birthday attention to New Year's Eve, as it is the following night. Bless his heart... he can count on me feel his pain. In an attempt to make his birthday special I called up the few friends who were in town and made reservations for dinner (at the restaurant I tried to go to on my bday). 

At dinner I told Ryan to order anything he wanted... Go Big, I told him. Have as many drinks as you would like... because mama's paying for this one. I even celebrated big myself, by ordering whatever I wanted- it was a party after all and I was paying! Sadly, however, when the check came... I realized that I didn't have my wallet! Oh no. I ran out to the car- no sign of it. I went back in, with my head held in shame and told Ryan I couldn't find it. Sadly he purchased his own birthday dinner. (and I don't think he's going to let that one go for a while) I felt terrible about it, but we pushed through (and I later located said wallet).

Once we had officially celebrated our two birthdays, it was time to celebrate the coming of a New Year (or is it the ending of an old one?).  We were invited to join several of our friends in Florida, but Ryan and I felt as though we shouldn't spend that extra money. At first this made me a little sad. It was going to be the first year I hadn't been on a fun-filled adventure to bring in the New Year in a long time.

After some much needed coaching... I came to terms with it. I began to embrace it even. I decided to have a party at Ryan's with several of our closest friends. Alana (pictured below with red hair) and I headed to Party City to stock up on supplies such as confetti, noisemakers, party hats, and so forth.

We even took the time to strand lights all over the place. I called Kyle and told him to hook us up with some narley fireworks and told everyone to arrive around 7:30pm.

We had so much fun, and to be quite honest it felt great not to have to drive four hours or spend lots of money. I might embrace low-key New Year's celebrations from now on....

With this New Year I hope for big things. I hope for new careers for some, for others I hope for them to find their way. I hope that some find true love this year that will last a lifetime. I hope for others, good health. For Ryan and I 2010 will always be a special year. It will forever be the year we got married. It will be the first year we lived together [we have got to get the other TV working properly for us to survive], the first time for lots of new things and for that I am excited.

Here's to 2010 y'all!

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Holidays- Part 1

I apologize for being m.i.a. for the past couple of weeks. I took two weeks off from work to celebrate the holidays and in doing so I took two weeks off from the Internet. I didn't check my email, facebook, or blogs- I just lived in the real world. I spent time with real friends- didn't just stalk their facebook page.

I was on holiday and it was great!

The two-week vacay was supposed to start out with a small "holiday party" at Ryan's house. I had even sent out an email informing folks to prepare to sing Christmas carols and to bring an appetizer of sorts. A few days prior to my party my friend John called and had the nerve to inform me that he was canceling my party. I thought to myself... he better have a damn good reason to be canceling my party because I have already hung the mistletoe!

Well, John did have a good reason. He was asking this kid to marry him and wanted us to celebrate at his parent's house. It was a lot of fun. Congrats to you guys!

*For some reason I have no pictures of the lovely couple. I took crazy pictures that had nothing to do with what the party was actually about. I'm random.*
The next day was Christmas Eve... Let the family fun time begin! On Christmas Eve Ryan and I headed over to my grandmother's house for dinner and fun. On Christmas Day Ryan and I didn't even get to see each other because our schedules didn't quite jive. [We don't exactly know what to do about this once we're married... I think I'm going to have to learn a tough lesson in being selfless, but I don't want to]

At my Dad's family Christmas we had somewhat of a photo shoot, which followed a mean game of Catch Phrase.

Warning: There will be at least one awkward photo that will stem from a holiday photo shoot with family!

Here's ours:

The angle was all wrong. Please note how big I look in comparison to Celinda (to the left) and Leslie (to the right) is very upright. Fear not, as we were able to get some pretty good shots as well.

What's that? How was Harley and Charlie's Christmas? Well, they had a great Christmas too! Here they are posing on Christmas Day with my brother and myself.

Stay tuned for part 2... Two birthdays and a New Year Celebration coming up!
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