Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hot Pants!

I've seen this photo of LC on several different blogs (as seen right here on one of my favorite celeb blogs) this week...

photo cred because we all know I have not being snapping pics of LC

...and I am really feeling her flared jeans!

The Look for Less (also a favorite blog) gives a great option with the Gap's Flare Denim for $69.50.

I also spotted this high waisted "flared" option from Urban Outfitters a few weeks ago for around $60.00, which a friend of mine purchased and then so kindly modeled for us.

You can bet  I will be hoppping on this bandwagon real soon!


Deidra said...

Since fashion guru's do say that trends always repeat themselves....I feel like a quick look in the high school/CACC wardrobe and you might just have some of these already!!!

BONUS that you've kept your figure over the years and could still wear them!!!

Lacey said...

haha who's your friend?! she's not as skinny as LC haha

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