Tuesday, March 8, 2011

O.T.W- Pretty Chill

This past weekend was nice because it was so chill. Ryan and I basically took it easy both Friday and Saturday night. We had dinner and sipped a cocktail on Friday night and then on Saturday we hit up some take out!

On Sunday we got a good bit accomplished around the house. I had given Ryan a list of chores discussed some things we could get done around the house that would be a great improvement. We managed to get just about everything done.

The one big task we tackled consisted of painting and organizing our laundry room! I'm talking fun stuff here.

As I was flipping through my latest Better Homes and Gardens issue I came across this little article on "easy-to-love wall colors."

It sparked my interest because I had been thinking of painting the laundry room a cream color but I had not taken the time to look in to any options.
My living room is already similar to the "wood smoke" color and my kitchen is close the green color.... So it made perfect sense to paint our laundry room the "off white."

We also found the perfect solution to our storage needs with these basket type shelves.

Nothing that the design blogs would have come up with... but highly functional all the same.
Top basket- Ryan, Middle basket- Maggie, and bottom basket- laundry.
 Now we've just got to get some curtains or Roman shades for the windows.

Overall, Ryan and I tag-teamed the list of things to do... (but I will say he was the team leader, as I like to give due cred).

It wasn't the most exciting weekend, but it was a productive weekend. And sometimes that all we need.

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