Thursday, March 24, 2011

Not really on OTW post, but kind of.

I don't have an O.T.W post this week, because quite frankly our weekend consisted of a lot of yard work and a little relaxing. Nothing too worthy of a picture.

But if you want a mental picture just imagine: Ryan and me digging holes, planting shrubs in dirt covered clothes with sweat dripping off of us. Like I said, no pictures were snapped of the process and for good reason.

However, over the weekend Ryan did mention that he would like some home cooked meals in the upcoming week, as I basically tossed him out to fend for himself the majority of last week, which resulted in him snacking on chips here and there, maybe a turkey sandwich and potentially a hot pocket for good measure.

I decided I would kindly oblige. So this week I have cooked every night for my boo.

The recipe* that we enjoyed the most was compliments of good ole Pdub. It is called Sour Cream Noodle Bake.

When I saw this posted I "starred" it because I knew it looked like something Ryan would love. And he did!

It doesn't take much for Ryan to go ahead and proclaim that I'm a great cook.... and after this dish he was really singing my praises!

Now, we aren't any skinnier after enjoying this meal, but that's what the gym is for!

Go forth and make yo man some sour cream noodle bake.

*I added more sour cream and cottage cheese than the recipe called for because that's just how I roll.

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Kristen said...

YUM YUM... What else did you make?!

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