Tuesday, March 15, 2011

O.T.W.- Reggie Got Hitched

We had yet another wedding to attend over the past weekend. This is crazy, but we have a wedding every month until June... as of right now.

This past weekend Ryan's cousin/bff, Richard, married Heather. The had a lovely wedding here at Church in the Pines on Lake Martin, as that's where the groom is from.

I'll let a few of the pictures tell most of the story...

It was a fun weekend for the guys to get to catch up with one another.

Mi Madre

The reception was at a Bed and Breakfast in town.

The groom couldn't get "tossing the garter" quite right so the bride graciously stepped in to show him how it's done. She's a teacher so it must just be in her to take the lead.

Everyone had a great time laughing and hanging out at the reception.

Some of the ladies who were in attendance.

After the wedding reception we all headed back to our little cul-de-sac for some continued fun, which included some beer pong action. 

The guys were really loving group shots.

A couple of my long time friends happen to be in town for the weekend, which excited me beyond words.

It was a really long day, as the wedding was at 2:00.

Later on into the night Chase decided with all this wedding talk he wanted to see pictures from mine and Ryan's wedding...

... which apparenlty bored him to sleep.
But like I said, it was a long day so I took no offense.

Then my brother decided to take a nap beside him. The party continued on... and after a while we ended up back in the living room and found Maggie sitting oh so innocently with these two birds. To say we got a kick out that is an understatement.  Honestly, she got up there and hung out all on her own.

It was a great weekend with friends!! I would love to repeat a weekend like this one at least once a month.

Good Times were had by all!!! 

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