Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Alpacas

The Alpacas featured in my last post live right here in my hometown on an Alpaca farm. On Saturday mornings they bring a few alpacas out for petting and whatnot.

The name of the farm is Southern Star Farm. The farm has a gift shop where they sell all things made with alpaca fur (if that's what you call it).

I purchased my dad a pair of socks and for myself a little alpaca Christmas ornament (made of real fur of course).

These animals are so cute... and so soft.... and so funny. Although I was not of fan of one that decided to spit on the other. Yuck.

Doesn't it kind of look like it's smiling?

I kept getting so tickled at them. I would laugh and say, "Y'all crazy Llamas-- I mean, Alpacas!"

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photography Class Update

For my photography class this week we are working on Depth of Field. Our assignment this week was to take one photo with a shallow depth of field and one with maximum depth of field.

We had to email our pictures to the teacher and the class is going to critique each one tomorrow night in a group discussion. (ahhhhhhh) To make matters even crazier while not only trying to understand the rule of thirds and depth of field we were limited to taking pictures of subject matter beginning with the letter 'A.' (so I had to get creative/get my mom to help think of a few things because I could only come up with apple)

So here we are:

An Alpaca with a minimum depth of field

 (side note on alpaca-- they are so much fun. I will post more of my pictures of them tomorrow.)

Arches showing max depth of field.

I actually spent more time trying to visualize the  "rule of thirds" grid while framing the picture, which I think caused me to not focus as much on the actual picture (if that makes any sense).

I understand fully the ability to create a blurry background (or bokeh) but I wish we hadn't been limited to the letter A for the sharper image because I think I could have done a lot better with a landscape photo at our farm.

I can look at both photos and name several "problems" so I am fully prepared for my classmates to point them out--- but it's a learning process, right? Constructive criticism can only make me better!

Also big thanks goes out to my "second shooter" for tagging along. Look how much help he was:

Monday, February 4, 2013

Whew, Big Day!

I quit my job today.
Yep, just like that I walked in and turned in my letter of resignation along with my two week notice. I may have cried, but they were definitely tears of joy. I may have even said to my boss, "I don't know why I'm crying because I'm excited to be quitting" (but I meant it in that I'm excited about what's next). He laughed with me.
If you've read my "about me" section then you know that I work with very low income single moms, living in Public Housing, work toward self-sufficiency (kind of like a life coach). I've been doing that for four and half years now.
A job that was supposed to be a stepping stone (to something else, to something more, to something I love) turned into my day-to-day life. It's funny how easily that can happen.  A means to get closer to my then boyfriend/now husband turned into my career. A pay raise here, a promotion there, great benefits! that can't be beat.... made it too easy to stay.
But it's not what I wanted to be doing. It's not what I necessarily went to school for. And honestly, it's emotionally taxing as it is semi in the the social work field. I have days where someone on the program I coordinate sits across from me and sobs explaining their desperate needs, whether it's lack of money, lack of enough food for the month, help with a sick child... you name it I've listened and tried to refer them to the best possible resource.
I've been looking for a job for roughly a year. Remember this post back in Jan. of 2012. A new job was at the top of the list of resolutions.

I've been patient. I've interviewed with several different companies. I put myself out there and I've been shot down a few times. But that's OK. It's okay because those jobs weren't THE job. It's okay because on Friday (after three rigorous interviews for a position) I found out I was chosen.
The stars aligned and I was chosen.
My new job will be in public relations for a hospital. I can't wait for the event planning, the TV appearances, the community events, and quite frankly the increase in pay!!
Like I said, I've cried today- every time I've told someone I was leaving actually. I will be saying goodbye to some of the best co-workers, most of whom I consider friends. Change is never easy-- it's actually quite scary. However, in life we have to get out of our comfort zone and take a few (calculated) chances.
I'm going for it! I'm nervous, excited and giddy all at once. Change is afoot and I'm loving it.
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