Friday, July 31, 2009

In Case you Were Wondering

Charlie, the new addition to the family, is doing just fine. He has adapted well and is loving his new home. Most importantly, however, he and Harley are getting along much better. I would even go as far as to say that they are friends... maybe even BFF.

Yesterday I got home and I noticed that the side of Charlie's little face was a bit wet. I thought to myself that's weird... when I inquired as to the reason behind this I got a pretty random answer. I was told, matter of factly, that it was because Harley and Charlie had been playing and Harley licked him. Cracked me up.

Now on afternoon walks, Charlie gladly accompanies Harley. It's quit the sight. It's like our very own version Milo and Otis...

but it's Harley and Charlie!

I hope to have some better pictures of them hanging out soon.

1 comment:

Lacey said...

omg--i am so tickled. LOVED milo & otis, that is what prompted my pug stage pre-Iris!


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