Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving Back

Glue: $1.00

Pocket Folder with Tabs: $0.15

24 Pack Crayons: $0.35

10 Pack of Pens: $1.00
24 Pack of #2 Pencils: $0.84
Two Pack Glue Stick: $1.00

Helping supply children with the supplies they will need to start a school year off on the right foot: PRICELESS

I recently heard on the radio that different Publix Super Markets will have bins set up to accept donations in the form of school supplies for children of families that may not be able to afford everything that is required. If you live in area that has a Publix that is participating in this campaign, please try to find the time to contribute. A child deserves the opportunity to begin a school year excited and eager to learn... not embarrassed and concerned because he or she doesn't have adequate supplies. I mean, honestly, check out the prices of each item... if nothing else, while picking up your groceries grab a pack of pencils and toss them in the bin on the way to your car.

Think about it.

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