Monday, July 13, 2009


This is Layla. She is a shelter puppy, and was recently adopted by our friend Richard and his girlfriend, Heather. Layla is half hound dog and half lab. She was among a litter of several pups and she wasn't adopted so the family had to take her to the pound. Fortunately, for Layla she found a good home.

Many dogs aren't so lucky, which makes me so sad. I am a huge dog person... I think all families should have a dog. No kidding. As a child, if I were overwhelmed or upset... I could always count on my dog hear me out.

We had a little Scottish Terrier/Cocker Spaniel puppy named Willy. We got him as a surprise one Friday night and my brother and I happened to be watching the movie Free Willy, hence the name (plus he was black and white). Willy did everything we did. He was always up for whatever I decided to put him through. I even have pictures of me and deidra pushing him around in a baby stroller. He went missing for a few days and as it turned out he had been run over. I was heart broken. I had lost my best friend. I cried and cried. I even cried at school when a friend asked me about it. I was in the third grade.

After, Willy, came sweet and loving, Honey. She was a Golden Retriever/Lab mix. She looked more like a yellow lab though. She reminded me so much of Marley from the book, Marley and Me. Typical Lab. We have a hill in the front yard at our house that became Honey's favorite place to display random objects she picked up from different neighbors. We had boots, blankets, tools, toys... you name it, she found it and brought it home.

My brother and I rode the bus home after school each day and without question Honey would be faithfully waiting at the bus stop eager to greet us. If my brother and I hopped on our bikes, Honey was hot on our trail. She was with us each step of the way. If we decided to stop in at one of the neighborhood kid's house for a glass of water, Honey faithfully sat on the front porch and waited. My mom says that's how she used to find us in the neighborhood- she would walk down the street until she found Honey and that's where we would be.

Honey was killed {I won't say how because it was very unfortunate} but she was one of the best dogs ever.

I think that a childhood is enhanced by having and enjoying a pet. I know that mine was. Kids need that- helps teach them responsibility and all that jazz, and most importantly a dog can very easily become one of their best friends. Dogs love unconditionally and sometimes kids and parents alike need that.

My current dog, Harley, is ranked right up there with Willy and Honey. I couldn't love a dog more and neither could my family.

I recently came across a blog about two sister traveling 2400 miles, in a van to New Hampshire, to save 33 shelter puppies. From their blog, they explain:

"Because of the strict spay and neuter laws in New Hampshire most of their shelters actually have a shortage of adoptable dogs. What a great problem to have! So, volunteers drive 19-23 hours with 33 dogs in a van from the overcrowded Shelby County Humane Society here in Alabama to a partner shelter in New Hampshire. From what we have learned, all the dogs are typically adopted within a matter of days!"

I love this idea. I would love to one day have the opportunity to participate in this program. Not only would I have the opportunity to travel with a great friend, family member, or even Ryan for a weekend, but I would also have the privilege of knowing that several dogs were saved and some child's life made better by being able to bring home their very own "Honey" or a "Willy."

To read more about the program, Shelter Partner's, visit To read the blog about the two sister who completed the journey visit,

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Lacey said...

I would totally drive to New Hampshire, but would probably try to take home a few puppies first!

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