Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm NO Charlie Brown

I am a WINNER! Can you believe it? I couldn't. Let me tell you all about it.

Different blogs are all the time doing different types of giveaways- and I am always entering the giveaways. Always thinking to myself... "I probably won't win, but you can't ever win if you don't try." So I always try.

Well, a few weeks ago a blog that I read daily, called I *Heart* You, (I'm subscribed to it in reader) announced that it was having a giveaway. So I eagerly clicked out of reader and left a comment and was entered to win. Now remember, this has been a few weeks ago, and to be honest I had just about forgotten about even entering the contest.

So yesterday I got an email that someone had commented on my blog... so I went to check it out assuming it was Lacey or maybe Katie Beth, however, to my SURPRISE it was a comment from the blog, I *Heart* You. I remembered immediately about entering the contest. The comment informed me that I (little ole me) had WON!!!! I was so excited I screamed out loud right here in my office. Co-Workers flocked in to check on me. I was all, It's fine. I'm just a winner!!! WHOO HOO!!

So what did I win?


A pair of Current/Elliot Jeans. Suggested Retail is only $242.00. I would NEVER buy them for myself so I am so thrilled to have won them. Celebrities of all kind wear them around Hollywood daily.

I will gladly rock my Current/Elliot Jeans in a way that would make Resse or Cameron proud.

Thank you, I *Heart* You, for the opportunity to win!! Go check out this blog- I posted a link over in the side bar.

pictures via I *Heart* You.

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