Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday's With Harley: A Walk Together

*** This should have been posted yesterday-sorry. Forgive me and pretend it's Tuesday. Thanks***

In this edition of Tuesday's with Harley- we are going to take you along for our afternoon walk. I know... you are so excited. Where in the world could we go? What might we see? The questions, I would imagine, are endless. Well, they will be questions no more... I am about to give you the answers to all the question you could possibly have about our afternoon walks.

It starts out simple enough. We put on Harley's retractable leash and head out into the neighborhood. Harley loves our afternoons together!

Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, would probably be overwhelmed by our "dog walking technique," as I mostly let Harley lead me wherever he wants to go. I show no authority by leading him- I'm just along for the ride. Cesar would tell me to "walk the dog... show him who is boss. You are the Alpha." But the way I look at- Harley's having fun so I just follow him.

(I'm not even going to tell you what he did to that tree- I'm too much of a lady talk about that in mixed company)

Harley and I enjoy the beautiful scenery as we walk. Always taking time to admire the flowers.

At last, we reach our little afternoon destination. A pond- down the street from our house. We watch the ducks swimming and listen to the crickets chirp. It's peaceful and we like it.

On this trip we spotted a bird- a Blue Herring, I believe. We snap a picture and decide to go over and chase it away. But oh no.... it's no Blue Herring... it's a mere statue. We we're fooled. [fist pumping the air]

After all the excitement we head back to the house. So fun, huh? This actually Harley's favorite part.... he gets in a BIG TIME hurry....

(look at those ears flying back)

Because he knows once we get inside he gets a....


Whew...You can now rest easy because you finally know exactly what Harley and I do on our afternoon walks. Isn't it so fun!

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