Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My Latest Reads

Lately, I have been enjoying a series of books by author, Mary Kay Andrews. Ryan's mom was kind enough to send me several of her books. They have been thoroughly enjoyable to have on hand during these summer months when it's nice to have a good novel to enjoy by the pool.

Then first one I read was, Savannah Blues.

And the next one I enjoyed was, Hissy Fit.

These books are both set in the south- the first on in Savannah, Ga and the other in Madison, Ga. I have been both tickled and amused while reading these novels and would recommend them to anyone looking for a fun read this summer.

Currently, I am reading a novel by an author I had never heard of--Jacqueline Sheehan-- called, Lost & Found. I hope that it is just as good as my latest reads. I started it today and have already teared up a little.

(don't tell anyone- but I may have judged this book by it's cover- and maybe that's why I originally picked it up)

Once I have completed Lost & Found, it's back to Mary Kay Andrew's novel. I will be reading Little Bitty Lies.

So those are my summer reads thus far. This summer has been all about "fluff novels" (to quote a friend). Anything light-hearted and fun- I have been totally into. But that's what summer is about- relaxing by a body of water with a good book in hand.

Hope you've read a few books that are just as fun!

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