Thursday, July 9, 2009


Just so you know, I have always stated that I had no desire to go to Africa. It's not that I don't like Africa, per se. I'm fine with that continent. I would love to go to Egypt to see the Pyramids one day... and maybe even head to South Africa for a little fun.

My problem with Africa is that I wouldn't want to get sick- you know? Before you go over there you have to take lots of shots and then hope and pray that you don't come down with Malaria before making it home (or that's the idea I have conjured up in my head). Call me closed-minded, but that's just not my idea of fun. I'm scared of germs and I hate to be sick... so I am the kind of person that likes to avoid putting myself in a situation of that kind.

However, I have discovered a hotel that would be uber cool to check out- should I ever become brave enough to head that way. The hotel is in Kenya and has a really neat concept.

The hotel is called, The Giraffe Manor- and it's surrounded by giraffes. It's beautiful. The giraffes were put on the land around the hotel in 1974 when this particular type of giraffe had become endangered after much of their natural habitat was destroyed in Kenya. The giraffes have become very people friendly...

Pretty neat, huh? I used to tell my friends if I ever decided to get away it was important to note that I would probably not be in Africa, but after discovering this little gem I just about have to say that comment might not hold ture now.

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PorkStar said...

oh wow that's pretty cool and original!!!

Jessica Gushue le Grange said...

Hey Jessica! I just found your blog via I Heart You. Congrats on the jeans, jealous!

Anyway, check out my blog I spend a few months out of each year in South Africa where my husband is from, enjoy the pictures, and hopefully you will put Cape Town on your list!

P.S. I have never gotten any kind of sickness in South Africa, and shots are not required for Americans.


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