Monday, August 3, 2009

First 50 Autographs FREE

CMT Insider did a segment on Aquapalooza this past weekend and I was eager to check it out. So much so, I started harassing Ryan to set the DVR/Tivo early last week. I then made sure to set my alarm for 11:30am Saturday morning (why? I don't know.. I NEVER sleep that late) because I wanted to make sure I got to watch the real version (not that it mattered one bit).

Needless to say, Ryan was skeptical about us actually making the cut for the five minute segment that CMT Insider was about to air regarding Aquapalooza. I mean... yeah there were an estimated 40,000 people at Aquapalooza and CMT more than likely got a ton of footage but I wanted to watch... maybe if I didn't see our boat, I might see someone I knew.

I eagerly sent out a mass text message to my comrades to remind them to set their TiVO because this might be our moment to shine. Then I waited.... I think I got on Ryan's nerves a little bit because I kept saying things like: "What time is it?" "Who do you think we'll see?" "I hope if our boat makes the cut- that we all look skinny!" "Aquapalooza was so fun" " I loved it" and so forth and so on.

I think at one point he compared me to a small child, however, I take his criticism with a grain of salt. (I have to get excited for the both of us half the time anyway)

At 12:30 CST, CMT Insider's latest episode began. We were ready. The DVR was recording and it was go time. We watched a segment on Sugarland, and then something about the biggest skank ever, Gretchen Wilson, and then it went to commercial. So we waited a few more minutes.

When the show returned from commercial Katie Cook, the host, began her segway into the segment about Alan Jackson's recent performance on the banks of Lake Martin. Oh, was I loving it?

And then... you know what happened? I SAW MYSELF! I screamed with excitement.... "RYAN THAT WAS ME!! THAT WAS OUR BOAT. DID I LOOK OKAY? REWIND IT!! OH. MY. GOD."

I couldn't believe it. It was too crazy- and just like that I made my nationwide television premiere along with several of my closest friends. I was eating it up. My phone was going crazy with texts and calls (mostly from the people I had reminded to tune in). I was famous (in my own mind) and I was loving it.

Ryan and I had to run a few errands that afternoon and I told him before we left the house that if anyone was starring at me... not to worry... I would probably be recognized quite a bit more now. I think this continued to aggravate him. But what put Ryan over the edge was not my excitement for the show to air, or my big famous head- I am pretty sure it was the fact that he not only had to rewind the show three or four times... but he had to pause it just right so that I could snap a picture.

I think that he told me that pausing the TV to take a picture of it was the skankiest thing ever... or maybe he said it was the most redneck thing ever... not sure... because I was unphased. Plus, I think he was a little jealous about not really being in the shot. (locate Ryan in the second picture below)

Without further ado,

And here's an up close one... (I labeled everyone).

I never thought my nationwide television debut would be in a bikini but I'll take what I can get. We've all got to start somewhere, huh?


Christina said...

James and I laughed til we cried when we read this post. I have been eagerly checking your blog and couldn't wait to see what you had to say about your debut. For the record - I paused mine too so I could get a good look to make sure it was you. LOL!!!

Lacey said...

Oh my heart is soaring right now! I love being famous, it suits me! It's fine my boyfriend is kinda making love to his noodle...can I say that??!

John said...

I've been getting calls from famous artists about how to play the noodle guitar...

aLiSoN:) said...

Jess- that is so cool! I am way jealous!

Blaire Wood said...

love it love it love it. a lil jealous, and still loving it!

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