Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rested Up

Kind of. I had the busiest week/weekend ever. Between all the family stuff we had going on last week and all of the friends Ryan and I had in town this past weekend- I was exhausted. When Monday morning rolled around I felt like I could hardly make it. But I did.

Ryan invited several of his friends into town for a weekend on the lake and several of my friends were in town as well. We were on the water most of the weekend, which isn't conducive to picture taking- seeing as I tend to pack my phone, camera and wallet away in a Ziploc bag in hide it in a tiny compartment so as to avoid getting wet. [you see we had a boating mishap this one time and every person {all 9 of us} lost both camera and phone- it was a tough lesson to learn] Needless to say, we had an action packed weekend which involved lots of food, lake time, fireworks, family and friends- I just don't have many pictures to prove it. My bad.

Here are a few of the pics- Nothing too crazy. This is actually all I have to work with.

Headed to Chimney Rock!

At Chimney Rock... (the boys love for me to force them take group pics)

Candid Shot of Jackson, Ryan and Craig

And now they're ready...

A shot of the Jam Session...

And in unrelated news- my friend Alana got engaged this past weekend. She has been dating this guy, Kyle (below), for close to a year and they have been eager to get hitched since day one. So a big congrats goes out to those two love birds!

(I made them pose like that. It cracks me up when people get engaged and every picture for the next few days is of the lady strategically placing her left hand in plain sight. Cracks me up, I tell you.)

So that's a super rough overview of our Fourth of July weekend. It was wild and crazy and that's all I have to show for it- a few random pictures and some great memories.

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