Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Infamous Fish Camp

Several of Ryan's friends have been working on a project. As it turns out Ryan and I getting married will cramp the guys' style in that I will be at Ryan's every night, because that's what married people do- they live together. I am all for having folks over to hang out... I love it even, but maybe not for Sunday night football, Monday night football, random Tuesday get together, etc...

So the guys had to come up with an option other than Ryan's house so that in the future they will have a plan B, if you will. Hence, the Fish Camp. Turn out Kyle's  parents own a farm and luck would have it on that farm they  had a building/shed that could be fixed up. So with Jackson as the General Contractor the boys began the project.

Side note: This farm is the location that I won the Camp Fire Fishing Rodeo back in '94... so technically this is my old stomping grounds, but that's beside the point.

This is what the building looked like before the renovation began:

It's pretty much a wreck.

But Jackson took the lead and step by step the Fish Camp came together.

They put in bunk beds on both sides so that the guys can stay there after a long day of fishing or when they have an early call during hunting season.Personally, I think they just like to have sleep overs, but that's just me talking...

This past Saturday they had the "Grand Opening" of the Fish Camp, which included watching football, grilling out, the guys playing horse shoes... and good times being had by all.

(that's Jackson with his hands behind his head... and Kyle is to his right)

The Ole Fish Camp got the best of Ryan... He tried to say his head was hurting and maybe it was, but...

Overall, I was really impressed by the quick turn around of the Fish Camp. I'm looking forward to more gatherings there (when ladies are welcome, that is). I think these two were proud of themselves as well...

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Lacey said...

I love it!!! I really do! Go Jackson & Kyle!

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