Tuesday, September 13, 2011


This weekend Ryan and I headed to The Plains for the Auburn vs. Mississippi State game.

It was a beautiful albeit hot day, but perfect for college football.

Ryan and I got off to a rough start... we were later than we had hoped getting on the road, still had to hit up the gas station to stock the cooler, as well as stop by the ATM for a little cash money.

To say it was hectic is somewhat of an understatement. Ryan may have had an attitude but I'm not going to say either way.

Needless to say, we eventually got on the road along with every other Auburn fan around 9:00 for an 11:00 kickoff.

We eventually arrived in our beloved AUBURN and even made to into the stadium prior to kickoff.

Oh look... There's Cam right next Bo. I think they both know best.

Waaaaarrrrrrrr Eaaaaaaggggggllllllleeeee, HEY!
The one thing that we forgot to do... stop by the ATM for cash.

So, upon finally getting to our seats I said... "LET'S GET A HOT DOG!!!" Only to realize we had no cash.

It was tough but we made the best of it and survived without a hot dog or coke or funnel cake or nachos or lemonade. When you can't purchase anything... everything looks SO good.

I sure am glad we made it through because it was a great game.  Auburn held Miss St. at their goal line in the last few seconds to claim the WIN. It was stressful, but awesome!

After the game we got to harass my pal Katie Beth and her husband Brandon at their tailgate spot. We also got to hug on Kaci and Justin for a bit too before heading home.

It was a fun day with my man and Auburn Football! I don't think it gets better than that.   

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