Monday, September 19, 2011

O.T.W.-- Fall is Easing On In

Over the weekend...

...We invited folks over to our house to watch the Auburn vs. Clemson game. I made some tailgate foods and we cheered for the Tigers.

Just the girls.

Champ, Kyle and Ryan watching the game.
"We're number 1"
Mack and Kyle taking it easy on the front porch during half time.
Deidra and I found fun Auburn cups for our cocktails.

After the tough loss to Clemson we all loaded up and headed to The Fish Camp to continue watching football and to grill out.
The weather was perfect to spend the evening outside.

Ryan + Jessica 4 Life

You may remember my post regarding the Fish Camp. It's literally a tiny cabin by a pond out in a pasture. It makes for the perfect place to hang out outside to watch football and hang by a campfire. The guys toss horseshoes and grill while the ladies chat about various topics and make s'mores.

It had been a long day so I can assure you it got a bit random.

There is no telling what Ryan is carrying on about in this picture.
In the South football talk can get a bit heated... even if you pull for the same team.

The ladies made S'mores for everyone to wrap up the evening. They were oh so good.

Sunday was spent laying around and taking it easy. Pretty much a typical Fall weekend around our neck of the woods.

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