Wednesday, September 7, 2011

O.T.W.-- Long Labor Day Weekend

Over the past weekend we covered a lot of ground.

Friday night we ran in to Rhett and had a nice conversation...

On Saturday....

AUBURN Football kicked off!! Whoo hooooooo!!!! Ryan was like a giddy little school girl.

You can really see how long maggie is in this's the wienie in her.
We didn't head to Auburn because we had a wedding to attend Saturday evening, but we invited folks over to watch the team make their 2011 debut.

Now, the Auburn Tigers were last year's 2010 National Champions, but we lost a big portion of our team, so we have some work to do...

Maggie loves Auburn too.

...but a win is a win and I'll take them how we can get them! War Eagle!

At one point when we were down, Deidra and I decided that it was the lack of tailgate food. So I called in some wings, picked up an Auburn cake, and grabbed the stuff for Rotel Cheese Dip.

Food can really alter the mood of a group of stressed out guys. (that and another brewski)

Saturday evening my cousin got married and I was actually the wedding director. How wild is that? I was running the show with my assistant, Deidra.

I thought I had died and gone to heaven when the sound lady at the church hooked me up with a head set, ala Brittney Spears style.

I had to tell myself over and over that this was not my show to keep from busting up on stage with a little Hit Me Baby One More Time.

Ryan stated that I looked like Billy Blanks getting ready to teach Tae Bo. Either way, I was looking really important.

The wedding went well and only had a minor mishap, but other than that... I'll toss "wedding director" on the ole resume.

Sunday we had big plans for an island party, however, crazy tropical storm Lee was all "no you won't celebrate the last weekend of the summer in the sun because I'm going to rain on yall's parade."

And Lee did. It rained off and on all day Sunday. Not to be defeated I invited everyone over to our house and we had cocktails and fun under the cover of a roof. Suck it, LEE!

For the first time in the history of ever we decided to be a step ahead of the game and instead of paying the higher cost at the gate for concert tickets at the Lake Marting Amp for The Blues Travelers we all ordered them in advance.  (Without checking the weather) So, rain or shine we were hitting the concert, as we had tickets.

Decked out in rain boots, rain jackets, and a positive attitude we headed to the outdoor concert. The weather held off and the concert was lots of fun.

Oh look, we ran into Liz (brunette) who happens to be a blog reader! Shout out to Liz!

Got to hug on this kid which a bit overdue.

Chase and Birttany spent the Sunday night with us. Always love a good slumber party.

John Popper really feeling it.

Monday was Labor Day, which meant no one could do any type labor at all, therefore, I laid around and watched movies pretty much all day long. It was awesome.

Today is Wednesday, but feels like Tuesday, which is great. Enjoy this short week!

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