Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fashion (nail) Trend: Do or Don't?

I love hopping aboard different bandwagons! Call me crazy, but if I find a trend that sort of peaks my interest I'll try it out.

One of my favorite ways to try out trends is with fingernail polish. It's inexpensive and be quickly removed if it doesn't turn out so great.

Over the weekend I tried out the "one rouge nail" trend... also referred to as the "rebellious nail."

The blog, Just B, happens to be a blog I love to read. She loves trying lots of different nail trends as well. Here she is testing the one rouge nail trend:

I went with all pink nails and one rouge black nail over the weekend since I would be rocking a black bathing suit at Aquapalooza. Here's how it looked:

I got mixed reviews. When I showed Ryan he asked if I was trying to be Gothic. Other people just kept asking why my nail was painted a different color. I even had one person ask me if I had slammed my finger in a door. How funny is that?

I might try this trend again, maybe with a different color to see how it goes over.

Or perhaps this weekend I will try out Ombre Nails.


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