Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY via Pintrest

My friend Katie Beth did a post recently on creating DIY friendship bracelets. I read the post and thought to myself, "SHE BEAT ME TO IT!!"

That's what I get for procrastinating. You see, I purchased most of the supplies to make several of the 'do it yourself' friendship bracelets I had seen on Pintrest several months ago.

 The supplies sat in the Hobby Lobby bag in our office for quite some time. After seeing how great Katie Beth's bracelets turned out I knew I had to get started. She had inspired me.

So on Saturday afternoon, Deidra, Ashton, and I got to work.

The only supplies we needed to purchase were the colored twine and brass hex nuts. The guy helping us in Home Depot was quite confused, however, after showing him a few pictures he was loving it. He thought the idea was great and I think he even thought about commissioning one for his wife or lover. He did not voice his idea aloud. I just had a feeling.

With supplies in hand we headed back to our house and set up shop on the front porch. We turned the radio on and went to town.

Upon first beginning the project, we were going to make lots of bracelets and sell them for a much lower price, as KB outlined these bracelets are selling for ridiculous amounts.

Our hypothetical price was one for $15 or two for $25 when we began. However, the job proved to be a bit more tedious than we had imagined and after a few hours of braiding, looping, and tying we increased our price dramatically and Ashton even opted to bail out of the newly established hypothetical business.

After making the first three with natural colored twine we deided take those apart and recreate them using orange twine so that they could be "gameday" friendship bracelets.

The orange isn't quite so bright in person.

In the end we each ended up with an orange hex-nut bracelet and an orange ball-chain bracelet.

Please let me know if you would like to commission a bracelet for yourself or loved one, the price will be somewhere around $57.00. I think I'm going to price them like a car mechanic would-- parts aren't too expensive, but it's the labor you're paying for.

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Ali Sanford said...

Make me one! They're so cute. Yall are to crafty for me.

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