Monday, September 26, 2011


Over the weekend...

Friday afternoon the weather was just perfect. I found myself longing to be outside. So that's just what I did--I grabbed the book I'm reading and Maggie and we curled up on the front porch swing while waiting for Ryan to get home.
"What are you reading?"

"I don't really care what you're reading. I think I see something in the distance."

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah... Definitely think I see a cat."

So maybe when I say "curled up" I actually mean... I sat on the swing and read my book and Maggie was all over the place.

Saturday morning I picked up my grandmother and we headed to an Estate Sale. The Estate Sale was a total bust. I'm on the look out for a china cabinet that I could refinish, and they did have one... but for $1200. I don't think so. I could buy a brand new china cabinet for that price.

So my grandmother and I left empty handed (well, she got a hand mixer) and we headed to the next stop...

Armed with a newspaper in hand we hit up a few more yard sales.

Unfortunately we didn't find any great deals.

The next stop on our morning outing was at my cousin, Lane's, Thirty-One Gifts Party. I hooked myself up with this great bag:

I think it will be a perfect carry-on! Thinking ahead...

Saturday afternoon, Ryan headed to The Fish Camp to hang with the guys and watch football and I met up with Deidra and her sister Ashton to hit a few antique stores and even The Home Depot.

I'm thinking of painting our office... We shall see.
We did a little DIY Project... just saying. I will post more on it later.

The weather was nice it made for the perfect weekend to spend as much time as possible outside.

However, as much time as we spent out and about we probably spent an equal amount of time doing this right here:

Ahhhhh, so nice.

Hope y'all had a great weekend too!

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