Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pinning Like Ya Mama*

*sing to the tune of stuntting like your daddy.

So Pintrest has grabbed hold of practically everyone I know. Its full of all kinds of ideas and inspiration.

Just this past Friday night over dinner, Deidra and began discussing the many uses of pallets according to Pintrest. This not only made for great conversation but also inspired us to actually go out and collect pallets.
Pallet Inspiration via Joy Ever After

So obviously after a few glasses of the vino Deidra and I found ourselves behind the local Piggly Wiggly attempting to load a pallet into the car. It was quite the sight. Dumpster diving late night.

Well last night as I was searching for fashion inspiration I came across this pin:
I thought: That is really kind of cool. Ryan has lots of shirts I can turn into a shirt dress!!

My wardrobe was about to increase by tenfold!!

So I hopped up and tested it out. Here's how it went down:

Step 1. Dig in closet and find a shirt similiar to the one above:
Srep 2. Put on big shirt. (leave on leggings and footies since you just got back from the gym. Also, leave hair looking crazy.)

Step 3.  Tie the arms of the shirt around you and knot. Let hair down for a fresher look.

Step 4. Crack up at how ridiculous it is that you are tying up your man's shirt in attempt to make a shirt dress.  
Moral of the shirt story. No one could actually wear this because it would never stay up.

Happy Pinning!

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