Monday, August 29, 2011

O.T.W- A Cottage Escape

We loaded up over the weekend and headed to Gulf Shores, AL for a girls weekend get-away!!

Friday happened to be my mom's birthday so we got to celebrate that and Saturday we had a little bachelorette bash for my cousin.

I love the beach and all that it entails. Seafood? Yes please! Florabama? How I've missed thee! Waves upon my feet? Why, I think I'm in heaven!!

We went a different route this beach trip. We normally rent a condo right on the beach but since there were nine of us going we felt like a house would be a better option. My cousin, Lane, mentioned staying in one of the cottages at the Alabama Gulf State Park. It was a much better deal price wise and would house everyone comfortably.

I was a little unsure what type of living conditions we would have for the weekend, but I was going for it.

You see, when I think state park I think rustic wood cabin and communal bathrooms. Let me tell you how wrong I was!!

We stayed in the Gulf Shores State Park Lakeside Cottages and they were so. stinkin. cute!! I loved it!!!

Check out our little weekend abode:

Three bedrooms and three baths.

Coffee was consumed one of the two screened in porches.

We didn't see any aligators but mom did check for any signs of them.

Friday night we had dinner at DOC's Seafood and hit up the infamous FLORABAMA. Bushwackers were downed and dancing was done!

Shrimp Boil!!
Deidra got a little flirtatious with B, the Cowboy.

He was a cutey.

Aunt Elaine met a guy... who apparently told her a secret...

... and then fell asleep. I'm telling you Florabama is filled with all kinds of people. You never know who you might cross paths with.

Saturday we had breakfast at the cottage and then hit the beach.

It was so HOT. I'm talking So. Freaking. HoT. But we just got in and out of the ocean to stay cool.

Saturday night we hosted a little bachelorette party for my cousin, Anna. She had a great time.

To wrap up the weekend we hit up Live Bait for karaoke and made one last pit stop at Florabama.

Overall the weekend was so much fun. I loved being at the beach with family and friends for a girls' weekend. Sometimes we all just need a little time away!!

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