Wednesday, August 17, 2011

On the Menu

Occasionally I like to attempt to WOW Ryan with my culinary skills. My mom is an ace in the kitchen... I'm not even going to talk about how good her cornbread is because I couldn't put it in to words. Mmmm....

My mama always made a good ole home-cooked meal with love several night a week when we were growing up. She's just a good wife and mama like that. So I think Ryan believes that it is in my genetic make-up to throw down in the kitchen. 

And let me tell you, I give it my best. I'm a firm believer in that anyone can cook if you can read. Recipes are out there by the thousands. Read, do what it says, eat. Hopefully it's good.... sometimes it is not. I can honestly say Ryan and I have tested a few fails. I love Ryan though because the few times I've tried a recipe that hasn't turned out so well he eats it and tells me it's good, even though we both know it's not. I'm normally the one to say, "that was terrible. never again."

This week I tested out an easy casserole called Bubble Up Enchiladas. It was a super easy one dish meal.

Here's the link for the recipe. (I used the leanest ground beef instead of ground turkey since there is that weird recall on ground turkey right now. I also added half a chopped onion to the meat as it was browning.). You can add corn, black beans, top with sour cream... you name it. It was delicious.

I'm hoping to test out Paula Deen's Shrimp and Wild Rice before the week's end.

I will let you know how it turns out.

Happy Hump Day, Yall!

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