Friday, August 19, 2011

A Leopard Longing...

This morning I was sipping my coffee and doing the usual, reading lots of blogs  working diligently in order to stay one step head of the office game.

In doing so, I stumbled upon this picture:

Photo via City Sage
I thought to myself, I need those leopard print skinny jeans for fall. I would rock them so hard with some booties and blousy top. It would be soft but edgy, right?

Then I headed over to another blog... and look what was right there in front of me:

Photo via Just B

This blog had a link to purchase these little leopard funsies. I took it as I sign. At this point I was thinking it was fate. I could foresee a Friday night out on the town rocking this kitties while kicking back cocktails like it's my job. However, I clicked the link.

They are Currently/Elliot are run about $200.

I can't justify purchasing $200 leopard skinnies, just like I can't justify purchasing $200 orange skinnies for gameday.

So alas, I shall dream of the fun that would have been... and in reality I shall toss on skinnies that cost much less, as I tend to be more of a budget minded fashionista.

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